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Dental care is important. You need healthy teeth and gums to prevent oral infections, maintain good digestion, and enjoy proper nutrition. Good dental care will enhance your enjoyment of food and provide you with a great smile for your social gatherings and activities. Diligent care can help prevent unseemly dental problems.

Elements of good dental care include brushing twice a day (after breakfast and before bedtime), selecting toothpaste with fluoride in it, eating a balanced diet without excessive sweets, and scheduling regular dental visits every six months.

Dental Health Care

People need to pay more attention to proper dental care, as having good and healthy teeth can aid in maintaining a desired appearance, prevent disease, and set you up for success. With careful guidelines and tips, you can avoid bleeding gums and tooth ache. It is important to avoid excessive sweets and to avoid foods which are sensitive to your teeth.


It is equally important to schedule regular dentist visits (once every six months). Dr. Nicolas Porter, founder of Risas Dental and Braces, advises regular dental visits to get flaws in your teeth, gums, or tongue checked.

Fun Facts about Dental Health

Did you know?

  • Children smile about 400 times a day? This is significantly more than with adults. Speaking of adults, women smile 62 times a day, whereas men smile eight times a day on average.
  • Each person’s set of teeth is as unique as their fingerprints.
  • Twins (even identical twins) have different sets of teeth.
  • Sometimes, dental records of teeth are used to identify a person.
  • Does handwriting affect teeth? In some cases, it can.
  • Right-handed people tend to chew food on their right side while left-handed people tend to chew on their left side
  • The Babylonians called the first toothbrush a ‘chewing stick’, which was made up of a fresh twig and frayed into fibers. Then, in 1780, William Addis from England invented a brush that was used to clean teeth. The handle was made from cattle bone and the bristles from swine. Afterwards, the addition of fluoride was used as the ultimate choice to clean teeth. Many other innovations have now been adopted to effectively clean teeth and have good dental care.

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