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The dental implant is basically a piece of titanium, which is attached to the jaw, below the gum, to serve as a support for the placement of a tooth. Some situations that may lead to the need to place a dental implant are the cavities that destroy the teeth, and periodontitis, which is when the teeth become soft and fall out. The dental implants fargo nd are indicated when the person loses the tooth and its root, and it is necessary to replace these two parts, because it is not even possible to place a denture.

Benefits of placing a dental implant

Placing a dental implant brings benefits such as:

Improve digestion: because the lack of 1 or more teeth, directly interferes with chewing food, which is the first stage of digestion. With the lack of teeth, the food still reaches the stomach very large and with less saliva, impairing its digestion;

Improve self-esteem: when, mainly, one of the front teeth is missing, the person is embarrassed and does not want to open his mouth to speak or smile, which can increase the risk of depression;

Improve communication: the lack of teeth in the mouth or the use of prostheses that are always leaving the place usually makes speech difficult, interfering in the person’s daily life;

Improve oral health: because by placing the necessary implants in your mouth, it is easier to brush your teeth and keep your mouth always properly clean. 

After placing an implant, you must have good oral hygiene, brushing your teeth daily, using dental floss and mouthwash at least once a day.

Does dental implant hurt?

The dental implant does not hurt because the dental surgeon will perform the procedure under local anesthesia so that the gingival incision is made and the fixation on the bone is not felt. But, after surgery to avoid possible pain or infections, the dentist may recommend the use of painkillers, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and rest. The pain may last for about 5 days and during that time, you may need to use the medications indicated by the doctor, but preferring cold foods is also a good solution for relieving discomfort.

How the dental implant is made

The dental implant is done by the dentist under local anesthesia, in the dental office. The dental surgeon must extract problematic teeth, place the dental implant and on top of it, the tooth. 

In the traditional dental implant, fitting and adapting the tooth to the implant will take, on average, 6 months for the upper teeth and 4 months for the lower teeth. After the procedure, the doctor will indicate painkillers and rest, which may be only 24 hours, but it is important to avoid efforts and do physical activity in the first week.

What is dental implant with immediate loading

The dental implant with immediate loading happens when the tooth is placed in the metallic structure immediately after the surgery. In the traditional dental implant technique, replacement teeth are only placed 3 or 6 months after the fixation of the structure. This time is necessary so that there is greater fixation of the prosthesis with the bone, thus being able to place the crown of the tooth. 

When not to place a dental implant

This dental treatment is contraindicated for patients suffering from high-risk heart problems, untreated diabetics, during chemotherapy or in case of osteoporosis. For these, it may be better to use a denture.

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