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Defining what actually pavilion stands for, we have to say, and this is a place that might use for different purposes like events, shelter, meeting point, cafe, theater etc. In other words, it is an open place with a roof where people can quickly get a chance to get together, and location can be separate or attached buildings.

Defining the gazebo is to say that, it is a place, more specifically it is placed in the middle of the surrounded area, and it is a one small open, comprehensive building with a roof where people can get together and enjoy and party.

If you go through for some types of pavilions for sale, you can easily know the various kinds of pavilions which are slightly different, so they classify with the other names.

Difference between a pavilion and a gazebo:

There is a slight difference between a pavilion and a gazebo.

For example, suppose, some bought a place, like a ground to through a party. But it is especially for art exhibition. That ground is surrounding by a couple of wide-open buildings with roof, where people can quickly get together, and that is called the pavilion. As it stands for, some individual buildings, but it helps with the same purpose.

On the other hand, a gazebo is such a place, and some wanted to place a building for snacks, family get together or family lunch/dinner, in the middle of the garden. Or the middle of the ground, that is a gazebo. It stands for, to differentiate from the pavilion, is to say that, there is only one building to work on.

In a long story short, the main point is, as pavilion has some buildings, separately in structure and open wide, light place to enjoy. On the other hand, a gazebo is such a place, and some have a garden on their own, and they made a building with roof in the middle of the park, there is only one building, that is called gazebo. So a pavilion is for some theater, hospital, an exhibition where a gazebo is a place for some personal use, as included the list of pavilions for sale.

The difference in shape:

The main difference between a pavilion and a gazebo is their shape and size.

For more to say, a gazebo is a place of freestanding structure which can reach feet to the garden. It is more famous for a garden wedding, photo-shoot for magazine or marriage, or fashion-based content to create. To talk about shape, a gazebo can be hexagonal or octagonal and have beautifully organized chateau roofed.

A pavilion is quadrate shaped. The roof can similarly be organized with gazebo. But the point of difference is their size. The pavilion means to give shelter to people, like five to fifteen people at a time. But a gazebo is a short place to provide protection, and they have such a cute place to organize a party.

There is another difference between a gazebo, and a pavilion is, a pavilion is very popular since the 19th century. Where a gazebo is a fresher and a part of the pavilion. Which is classified by others to make sure to cope up with the update in the world of architecture.

Though there are so many differences between a pavilion and gazebo they are quite similar in the basement of architecture and people can easily choose which one to place and which have more options, as people place pavilions or gazebos for different purposes.

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