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There has been a recent uptick in the legalization of marijuana and its general acceptance in society. To smoke cannabis or CBD flower, you will need some smoking apparatus. It is advisable to use glass pipes. What other kinds of glass pipes are there to choose from? This guide will help you select the glass pipe that caters to your preferences the most effective from your shop of choice, like Kandy smoke.

Dab rigs 

Dab rigs are popular. They filter water in a manner analogous to that of a pipe. They refer to exceptionally potent cannabis strains. Marijuana can be smoked once the chamber containing the water filtering system has been heated. While Buying a dab ring, consider a quartz banger.


Chillum is a well-known Indian pipe made of glass Cylindrical portable pipe. The marijuana should be placed on the chillum. After that, the cannabis is ignited and smoked. You can substitute a chillum for a spoon if you need to. Because it is inhaled, it is an ideal choice for people who make smoking a regular habit.


The steamroller is dwarfed in comparison to the chillums. Marijuana is stored in steamrollers, which also feature a giant cylinder for inhaling the smoke. This is intended for heavy smokers who are accustomed to taking more than the average dose. The usage of a steamroller is recommended in situations when a chillum would not be adequate. Standard chillums are smaller than steamrollers, although both types can still be carried around.

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These are everyday items used in the process of smoking marijuana. They are pretty small and easy to transport. The spoon’s end is deep. Marijuana is located within this bowl. The bowl is then ignited, and the mouthpiece of the spoon is used to inhale the smoke from the marijuana. Those who smoke regularly and want something portable can benefit from using a spoon. If you want to smoke together, but marijuana is too pricey for everyone, you may always start a collection.


Bongs are different kinds of pipes that can be used to smoke marijuana. The smoke is filtered and cooled as it passes through the water chamber of a water pipe. The flavor of the smoke has improved as a result. Unlike spoons, bongs aren’t portable. Consider using a bong if you want to smoke marijuana in the comfort of your own home. If you want friends to hang out with you, you’ll need to get some bongs. Check out what options to get a bong for sale online.


Bubblers If you like to put on a show, you should try using bubblers. Bongs with attached spoon pipes are referred to as bubblers. Marijuana is stored in and smoked through the spoon pipe. They function similarly to more giant bongs in that they have a water chamber that may be used to filter and cool smoke. Many people like bubblers over bongs and spoons regarding smoking devices. The size of the portable bubbler is not very large. A pipe and a spoon are combined to make a bubbler.

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