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Third party services can assist users in checking live train running status including finding the schedule of departure and arrival time of the train as well as upcoming stations. Technology has made progress and auto track functionalities have been developed to keep a tab on the daily schedule of the train. This has been simplified to make it easy and convenient for passengers to access updated train travel information using smart tools.

live train status

You can check the status by visiting websites to search for detailed information or using mobile applications. Intuitive apps have been developed in India to allow people to access live train status information within minutes. Some of the apps have been integrated with Google’s advanced map feature for people to visually check out the running trains while they operate. Passengers no longer have to call customer service to obtain necessary information about the train running status.

Some of the apps that help in tracking train running status in India include:

  • Trainman – It is an IRCTC official partner used on Android devices. You can book train tickets on this app in under a minute. Trainman offers live train status to help you know whether a training is timely or running late. It also provides information on the train schedule and the routes they cover.
  • Ixigo Indian Rail and Train – It is a very comprehensive app that has detailed information about the Indian Railways. The app has information of over 2,500 trains, and you can use it to search for a train by its number or name. You can also track the train and station status. Whenever you need to book for travel, this app can redirect you to the IRCTC official app for you to book a ticket. Its notable features include finding train schedule and availability, updates on the PNR status, finding convenient seats, searching for trains, the routes for various trains and real-time train running status.
  • Rail Yatri Indian Railways – The app has features such as the train timetable and train alerts, checking the PNR status, GPS train locator, and more details on route changes, delays, and cancellations, railway stations other trains that are available and their location.
  • Indian Railway App – It is an app that helps to check the PNR status, seat availability, train routes and schedules, canceled/diverted/delayed trains and much more. It uses an advanced algorithm for location to calculate the distance and ETA of the running trains.
  • Indian Railway PNR and IRCTC Information – It is a multipurpose app for the Indian Railways. You can use this app to book a ticket through express booking or for normal bookings. It has a user-friendly interface. You can search for trains, track their live running status, delays and arrival times and also share train information with friends or family.
  • National Train Enquiry System – This is both a website and an app which can be accessed from any smartphone. The app features the trains’ live running status with all stations and actual departure, arrival, and delays shown. The app also shows the exact time of arrival, cancellations, and diversions.

The development of the functionality of these applications has eased the passenger’s need for detailed information regarding train schedules, bookings and PNR status of train ticket. With this information readily available, people can now plan their journeys at their convenience. The days of queuing at inquiry counters are long gone now since information can easily be obtained on any electronic device.

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