Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Now that every business knows the importance of mobile apps, there are companies that are jumping the bandwagon if not already. And, if you are likely to be one of those companies willing to customize apps for that extra functionality or feature or just to give a new look to your app, then this blog is certainly meant for you.

There are certain notions that have been prevailing and holding back from investing in custom app development. Let’s discuss these in detail.

1) It needs prolonged development time

Dispel any myth of mandatory long term of development. There is one belief that custom mobile app development takes a considerably long time. Well, it entirely depends on what sort of features, functionalities, and requirements your company has.  Moreover, if the mobile app company that you are partnering with are a smart bunch of folks, then you can reuse the code and boost the overall performance of the app.

Generally, an app needs a time span of a few months but when you need not have to build from scratch and it only involves mild revisions and enhancement, you can expect a considerably shorter time.

2)  The success ratio increases with customization

Well, in a real sense there’s no such thing as this. There is practically no connection between the success of an app if it’s customized or not. The success ratio depends on certain factors such as-

  • What kind of audience is interested in an app?
  • How much is the duration of the usage?
  • At what time of the day users use the app the most?
  • How much time a user is investing in the app during the day?
  • What should be done to increase app adoption and spread positive word of mouth about the app?

3)  The Use Of Custom Apps Is Rare

Many people believe that users are more likely to abandon the application if it’s customized. Well, this is a mere myth. To make your application flourish, you need to market it in the right manner. Alongside, it should be well designed with good fonts and easy to read content and easy to navigate with.

4) Building The Prime Face of an app is easy

The primary version of the app can probably take weeks, or sometimes months.  There are a few people who believe that building the prime face of an app is not a daunting task. Even an experienced mobile application development in delhi may take an ample amount of time to build the first version of the app when the concept is different and expectations are high.

Speeding up the development process will not bring the desired results and may be one of the main reasons for the abandoned and forgotten app. Hence, in custom mobile app development, it is not easy to roll in all in on the go. This is just a myth. Quality takes time and you need to see from that angle.

These were few of the myths that had been surfacing for a while concerning custom mobile app development.  Do you know some other myths around custom iphone application development services, do share in the comments.

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