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How many of you recall the 1964 Bob Dylan classic – “The Times They Are a-Changin…”? So, what was he referring to? Civil rights, growing tension between West or East or maybe the benefit of user generated content (UGC)?

Well, according to the Nielsen Consumer Trust Index, close to 92% of consumers trust UGC more than traditional advertising, courtesy to its organic nature. Hence, all records set aside – there is a need for a brand advocacy platform!

Now, getting to the core of it, what is this user generated content and how does it help garner publicity for a concerned brand must be explored. Why wait? Scroll down, and you are bound to get a host of details in this regard!

What is a user generated content?

To start off with – it is a content that is created by a third party (supporters of your organisation) to ensure better marketing for your product. Brands work on creative collaborations to ensure that user generated content is in sync with the marketing communication to create a better impact.

A cumulative marketing plan with multiple social media and updates are used to ensure that the brand remains in the news and generates the required buzz.

Ideas for such UGC?

Once the idea of user generated content is clarified, the next step is – how is it done? Well, the formats are via – blog posts, social media posts, essay competition, testimonials, videos, photos, and question/answer sessions to name a few.

Thus, rest assured, millions of companies make use of this strategy to ensure that they have a broader target base. On the hindsight, the creators get to earn rewards as well as express themselves online! You see – both sides work simultaneously.

Benefits in a look!

For one who’s looking for some rush points regarding the benefits of this process, they are –

  • Strengthens your community
  • Builds trust for that brand
  • Increases the reach of the audience
  • Helps to build up SEO
  • The content is free

With these first impressions done correct, it is time to explore some more positives of this format, that will advocate your brand officially to the public.

Some more ideas for exploration

To start off with –

  1. Improves the perception of the brand

It is all the work of ‘word-of-mouth’ factor. The most important role that this plays is – betters the brand’s image in the public’s eye. When a group of people talk positively about a brand, it becomes easier to believe the same. This leads to more traffic to your site.

  1. Garners more traffic for your site

With more people wishing to know about your brand, the first act of theirs would be to visit your website. Now, your website has more options than what your UGC has stated. Hence, as the head, you can also understand the target audience’s pulse and put up with their choices. Result? Your site gaining more traffic!

Finally, it is truly a cost-effective mode to ensure that your brand has reached the correct target group.

So, realised how times are changing online as well? To ensure that your brand stays in the top ranks of search engines, you need to choose out a credible brand advocacy platform. Also, ensure that the UGC is not fake and has ample water to hold up your brand. Happy branding!

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