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Fire accidents and hazards are unpredictable and can turn severe in seconds. In the absence of proper fire fighting equipment and alarm systems, tiny sparks of fire can turn into uncontrollable flames in moments. In fact, by the time you notice the flames, it might already be too late.

Hiring fire protection companies to inspect, evaluate, and suggest proper fire fighting equipment may seem frivolous. However, comparing it with the costs of rebuilding your office, handling legal complications, or worse, loss of life on workplace premises, it is relatively less to hire a fire expert.

Regardless of their size, all businesses must be cautious of fire outbreaks and invest in proper fire fighting tools and training. Noncompliance with the Australian fire standards for commercial premises not only invites legal liability, it also compromises the safety of everyone working in the office.

Do You Need Professional Fire Services for Your Business?

The question is not if you need the help of fire experts but why you need their help. Let us explore the reasons in detail.

Identifying All Possible Sources of Fire Outbreak

Numerous places and objects are considered sources of fire hazards. You might know some of them, but only an expert can identify them and suggest ways to eliminate them without hampering your internal operation process.

For instance, faulty electrical equipment or wiring or storing inflammable objects without proper precautions are some common ways in which fires start in commercial buildings. With the help of an experienced fire expert, you can develop an appropriate safety of fire plan complete with evacuation routes, alarms, and exits.

Customised Fire Safety Plan

The needs and requirements of each organisation are unique. Thus, all commercial buildings have no universal set of fire safety plans. For example, a fire safety plan for a multi-level business corporation will not be the same as that of a loading dock or a warehouse.

Fire experts, after careful inspection and evaluation, recommend strategies tailor-made to resolve the issues of a particular business or organisation. 

Based on these suggestions, you will know where to install what kind of fire control equipment. A comprehensive fire safety plan developed by professional fire protection companies will also outline all the fire hazards inside and outside your workplace.

Complying With Australian Fire Standards

Australia fire standards for commercial properties cover every aspect of the business. It is not possible to know and understand them all unless you are an expert working in the fire safety industry.

Failing to meet these standards will bring in charges of noncompliance with the government. Furthermore, these standards are in place to ensure that your workplace is safe from fire-related accidents. 

Entrusting a fire expert with this job will free up your time to help you focus on developing other core competencies of your business.

Choosing the Right Fire Fighting Tools

A wide variety of fire control and suppression equipment is available in the market, all serving different purposes. Did you know that there are four types of extinguishers for different fire classes?

Fire experts iron out such small hurdles and help you choose the fire fighting equipment best suited for your work premises. After careful inspection, the fire expert will suggest which tool to install.

Choosing the wrong fire suppression method is a waste of money as it will fail to control the flames properly during an emergency.

Fire Escape Plan and Training

Creating a fire escape plan may sound easy but is quite the opposite. It is not simply running away from the fire in panic and escaping the building in any way possible. It is natural to panic and worry during emergencies, especially if you were not trained to handle such situations.

A fire protection company will not only develop a comprehensive escape plan but will also train your employees on how to act during such situations. Preparing before will help you and your staff face fire outbreaks calmly and composedly.

Apart from that, fire protection companies also educate people on how to operate fire extinguishers safely. You will also receive hands-on training in controlled fire situations to assess how well you have learned.


Fire safety is mandatory for all businesses, and you must take the help of a professional to implement it. Moreover, maintaining optimum fire safety on your premises is not a one-time thing. It is ongoing with yearly inspections, installation of state-of-the-art equipment, and improved escape plans.

Therefore, it is best to consult licensed fire experts to deal with this matter of life and death than handle the burden alone.

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