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Cannabis, also known as marijuana, pot, weed, or hash, is a herbal plant well-regarded for its therapeutic potential. Over the years, scientists have discovered different medical effects of the plant which is why today it enjoys a legal structure in most of the US states.


Among the various therapeutic effects that marijuana produces, its ability to enhance the effects of meditation is what’s in talks these days.


Now, the first question that crosses one’s head is ‘how’? How does cannabis help in enhancing the effects of meditation? Well, we will discuss all that later, but first let us know more about cannabis.

Cannabis: Meaning & Benefits


Known for its complex structure, a cannabis plant contains hundreds of chemical entities including cannabinoids. CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) are two of the most prevalent cannabinoids popular for their unique medical benefits.


While CBD is regarded for its therapeutic properties, THC is the psychoactive component which produces the ‘high’ feeling that common people generally link with marijuana use.


Acknowledging the medical benefits of cannabis, most of the US states have legalized medical marijuana helping a wide range of patients suffering from some debilitating medical conditions. One just needs a medical marijuana card to access legal cannabis products.

How Does Cannabis Help With Meditation?

Meditation is the most effective mindfulness practice that humankind has engaged in for millennia. From anxiety, depression to stress relief, meditation helps achieve a stable state of mind and body by managing different health concerns.


And speaking of how cannabis contributes to meditation, the effects of marijuana are said to be very grounding and it provides a space for increasing consciousness. Meditation demands a dual combination of mind and body relaxation to induce its best effects and cannabis has the potential to promote this combination. Not only it offers relaxation but also boosts your body with the energy you need for performing meditation.

How to Consume Marijuana for Enhanced Meditative Experience?


When consumed in moderate dosages, marijuana can bring major changes in humans like it can slow people down by inducing calmness and relaxation. And this is what’s called the best state for meditation.


Now, your dream meditative experience depends on what cannabis strain you choose to consume. People generally prefer Indica and Sativa strains to enhance the process of meditation. While Sativa strains are more energizing and focusing, Indicas are supposed to be more relaxing and sedating. Also, these strains might work differently on different human bodies. So, make sure to do your own research and experimentation before consuming any strain.




Research suggests that marijuana can enable people to relax and gain sight, bringing the best space for meditation. Other effects of marijuana are Heightened sensory and time perception.


How to Consume Marijuana for Meditating?


Now, there are many ways to consume marijuana. Smoking and vaping are two of the most effective ways of ingesting cannabis for meditation. Edibles are also popular but can take up to 2 hours to show their effects while smoking induces instant effects.


People also use CBD oil half an hour before practicing mindfulness. Not only meditation, but people also use the herbal drug for yoga. Few of the yoga postures that include deep-stretching exercises can lead to muscle cramps and pain. Taking CBD oil after your intense yoga session can help relieve muscle cramps and pain.

Final Thoughts


Concluding the above discussion, it could be said that cannabis plants hold a great potential in promoting the effects of meditation. Having said that, more research is required to study the long term effects of cannabis on the human body. So, a responsible use of the substance in necessary.

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