Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

In layman’s terms, coding is how you communicate with a computer and get it to perform tasks. Each line of code has a purpose. And many lines of code come together in a script to help a computer complete a job. 

Something as simple as performing a calculation to something as complex as launching a space shuttle requires code. Clearly, it’s an essential skill — especially in an increasingly technology-reliant world. 

Experts say that kids must start learning how to program at an early age in order to develop lifelong skills. If you notice any of the following signs, then you may encourage them to learn how to code:

Your Child Is Attracted to Technology

Many children learn to navigate smartphones, tablets, and computers in the modern age before they know how to unzip their jackets. While there’s no guarantee, if your kid is attracted to technology, they might have a future in coding. 

Remember, coders spend all day on their computers. Love for computers can help time pass more quickly. Here are some advanced signs to watch out for:

  • Your child enters the family computer’s BIOS just to see how it all works
  • They learn how to program the home’s smart speaker before you do in order to play their favourite piece of media
  • You’re surprised to see them downloading and using apps designed for kids older than them

Your Child Has an Analytical Mind

Does your child ask questions all the time? Do they enjoy solving puzzles and playing games like chess and checkers? Is their favourite video game strategy-based? If so, then they may have an analytical mind. 

An analytical mind is essential for a coder because it helps them find solutions to challenging problems. You must get your kids coding by enrolling them in an online class if you feel they have an analytical mind. 

Your Child Notices Details

A programmer needs to be detail-oriented in order to develop simple solutions to complex problems. Sometimes, a single issue can have a catastrophic effect on an entire program. If your child surprises you by noticing details that you missed, then they may have the aptitude for programming.

Your Child is Persistent

Coders often need to be patient and persistent because many problems take time to solve through trial and error. If a coder gives up too quickly, gets frustrated, or can’t learn from failure, then they’ll struggle to become a successful program. 

Don’t be discouraged by your child’s initial failures if they keep trying— kids who don’t give up easily often have what it takes to become coders. 

Your Child is Creative

It’s a mistake to assume that programmers are professionals who lack creativity and go strictly by the book. In fact, programmers must often think outside the box to overcome challenges. A child that looks for innovative ways to break the rulesmay have the creative juices necessary for programming. 

If your kid shows some of these traits, then help them explore their talents by enrolling them in a program that teaches coding in a healthy and safe online learning environment.

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