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Erectile dysfunction is something that is deemed to be a sexual ailment and disability. However, as you go through the medical issues behind the same, you would find that the entire ailment is caused due to some reasons, which is a big indication that other serious ailments are developing at the background.

The actual cause of the ED

Low testosterone is the primary cause of the ED, but the story won’t end here. Testosterone is a hormone, and that is the final thing that affects the sperm count in males. To be very much accurate, it is not the direct cause of the erecting the male genitals. The essential thing that causes the male erection is the blood pressure, and that is totally dependent upon the blood circulation of your body.

It is the blood circulation that makes the genitals of males erected, and testosterone content is used to make the sperm count well enough. Hence, do not make confusion among these two. This is thing that has to be specified otherwise since, in most of the blogs, you will find them talking about the testosterone factor only.

So, the prime reason for the cause of ED is not the testosterone issue, but due to the issues related to blood circulation. Hence, your primitive overlook must also be on that aspect as well.

Other Indications

Now, when you are aware that it is blood circulation issue that is causing the ED, then along with going through the erectile dysfunction treatment medication, there is also a need to check out the other effects of the ailment. When it is related to blood circulation, the effect of it cannot be a minor one and hence has to care with intensive care too.

The blood circulation issue can trigger many of the things, including the functions of your heart. If the blood circulation is not normal, then the transmission of blood to your heart is sure to face the calamity.

  • You can generate a severe heart disease as the essence of the heart in your body is related to purifying the bloo, and hence the supply of blood to the heart is the major reason of the proper function of it. If this supply is tampered and hampered, then it is natural that the heart will slow down in pumping.
  • Some artery issues can also be there due to the slow functioning of the heart, and that would cause the arteries to bend down in all forms. This can even lead to the blockage of the artery, and the blood clotting will be the essential effect of the same at different parts of the body.
  • Blood, when not purified by the heart, can generate severe issue related to blood pressure as the flow of blood to the other vessels of the body and also to the brain will be hampered by a lot. Hence, this can be a severe issue, especially when your brain would not get the essential supply of pure blood.
  • The three above things can lead to a cardiac arrest, a cerebral attack, and apart from those deadly attacks, there are different other issues related to the same too. This includes nervous breakdowns and other ailments that are related to the nervous system. If you want to get more information about erectile dysfunction? Then redirect here.

How to get rid

The essential thing that is coming now in your mind is to get the relief from the ailment. Yes, this is the thing that is to be made understandable for you. You must not neglect this ailment by any means, as the problem is not only in the Erectile Dysfunction and not only for your sensual pleasure but a neglect t the aspect can also lead you to the ailments that are deadly, and that can claim your life as well.

Now coming to the aspect of the treatment, do not go by the contemporary idea of dealing and treating with the testosterone content. Note this that testosterone is related to sperm count, and it is also related to a long-time stay at the bed during intercourse. When the issue is related to ED, the essential thing to be kept in mind is related to the blood circulation, and hence, the medication that you need here is also rigorous. The ideal idea here is to undergo some therapy and a deep diagnosis and then get through the proper erectile dysfunction treatment pills.

As you go through the medications, it will normalize the blood circulation in your body, and that would regain the functional attributes in your body. You will be resolved out of the ED and along that will also get relief from the other ailments.


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