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It is never too early to learn about financial, entrepreneurship, and life management skills. That was the idea when John Seib, Co-Founder and President of Electus Global Education Co, a Tampa-based developer and manufacturer of groundbreaking youth financial and entrepreneurship education technologies, started the company. Their flagship technology and cornerstone of the business is the “Life Hub Learning System.”

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, schooling and education has turned

home-based. The “Life Hub Learning System” has helped parents and children with homeschool through their home-based education technology. Their goal was not to just teach children the basics, but also allow them to learn life skills that are vital to financial, career, and life opportunities and success. It is the first AI- powered integrated practical learning computer that first empowers children aged 3-13 to learn the essential skills by engaging with real physical money every day at home so they form positive behaviors and then transition them into the digital management of money with online software and mobile technologies from the age of 14 to 18. With its 13-inch touch screen and built in retractable keyboard, it is simple and easy to use. They believe that it begins with the early childhood years where forming proper financial behaviors is vital for effective life management during their teenage years and onto college and is a way to develop money management skills with parental encouragement and guidance.

Children like to do things that are advanced in their years and it is a common statement to say that they try to grow up too fast. So, Life Hub empowers them to engage, interact, experiment, explore, discover, probe, and manage real money because it is not used as a novelty or game, but a necessity, which is crucial to frequent and enduring engagement. It gets them excited because by using real money, they are able to see their pile of money growing everyday and visual stimulation is crucial for inspiration and motivation. Life Hub also keeps children engaged and learning on a daily and consistent basis because in order for something to stick; repetition, frequency, and consistency are key. The learning system also inspires children to engage and perform tasks without the fear of failing. They are generally motivated to experiment so learning through trial-and-error is critical to their development.

Life Hub is also a family oriented learning system, so children and parents can engage with the system and it is very simple to use. Setting up, navigating, and using Life Hub is as easy using a laptop, PC, or other mobile device. Users can create up to 4 accounts and assign them a different colored money chambers. From there, they can watch a simple and easy-to-understand tutorial on how to use the system and parents can use the app to engage children and monitor all their activities. Once the basics are understood, they can use the system by depositing and withdrawing real cash, including coins and paper currency. This responsibility is not solely for the adults; children can also deposit, withdraw, and manage checks, IOUs, and credit accounts.

Parents can use the system to reward children for tasks and achievements that they have accomplished by creating rewards rules and cash conversion rates for Life Points. They can also create, assign, and manage chore for children using the app and use cash to pay them for their chore assignments once completed. Parents can also set goals to teach children to focus on what they want to achieve, but regardless of how old people are they are very goal oriented. Once Life Hub fills up with cash, children will need to take the cash to the bank to deposit. So, parents should choose a bank and open an account right away.

There are other things that children and parents can do through the learning system that makes real-life applications of money saving fun and an interactive experience. For example, some top retailers are on Life Hub, so children can start saving, allocating their money, and buying from retailers using fun, awesome shopping tools. They can also donate to their favorite charities and can choose from an existing list or register their own charities. Entrepreneurs are becoming younger and younger because they have an impressive set of tools to help them start, register, manage, and grow real businesses and Life Hub can help with that. Life Hub is built to form positive behavior and apply it as the years go on to prepare them for the real world.

Along with the previous things listed above, children can list items for barter and sale, receive and do homework, use utility tools for tasks, make fundraising campaigns, save favorite videos and media, choose and ask Life Hub advisors, find and do volunteering jobs, play education games, communicate with other hubbers, create picture collages through My Life, create and review reports, take course and read books, and be a part of Hub World.

For parents and children that are interested in this learning system, they can sign up for the waitlist to get their Life Hub as soon as it is available in their city and state. Parents select which modules and apps their children can have access to and are ensured that children are safe and secure to engage and learn with a stand-alone connected cloud-based learning system that does not have open access to the Internet like a household laptop or PC where they may be vulnerable to breaches and hacks.

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