Email Marketing – A Beginners Guide

Email marketing has been in practice for so many years. It’s still ao popular for being the most straightforward and practical approach to connect with your prospects and existing customers. 

This media helps you to nurture your prospects and turn them into customers.

Email campaigns can easily convert your target audience into customers and one-time buyers into loyal customers when you do it right.

Do you feel puzzled about getting started with email marketing

Email marketing comprises several moving pieces; however, that doesn’t imply that it has to be complex.

The main idea is that you cannot send out email campaigns when you have no one to share them with. And the next thing to keep in mind is that email marketing won’t do any good if you have incorrect or irrelevant people on your list.

Hence, make sure that your prospect list is highly qualified. Subsequently, you are required to encapsulate the email address in your list. And for that, you need an email search engine like is a popular email lookup tool. With a machine learning algorithm, this tool successfully finds anyone’s email id in a few seconds. This tool will assist in finding the email address quickly.

Howbeit, there are other ways too to find the email list. 

In this article, I am going to enrich you with the general view of;

  • Ways to Build an email list with targeted customers.

  • Optimizing your emails for the highest open rates and CTR.  

Building an Email List with Targeted Customers

Put an Optin Form

By setting up an opt-in form on your website for people to sign-up, you can capture their details. Most people follow this approach to build an email list.

Sadly, this strategy doesn’t yield expected results most of the time. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t incorporate this, just ensure that this is not the only approach you follow.

In order to attract the website visitor to fill the form, you can give away something beneficial for free in exchange for an email address—for instance, ebooks, a webinar, case studies, etc.

Some people recommend buying email lists, but I strictly “DON’T.” Because when you use such data, you are at high risk of marked as spam.

Scrape Email Id from LinkedIn

Extracting email id from Linkedin is a wise approach. If you are familiar with the LinkedIn interface, you know where to look for the contact details or email addresses of the prospects manually.

Also, there are email finder tools to take the burden off your shoulder. 

You can use the email search engine’s chrome extension to scrape the email address from the LinkedIn platform.

How to Optimize Your Emails?

Here are a few tactics to optimize your emails before sending them to the prospects;

  • Personalize Your Email

A personalized email campaign empowers you to construct strong connections with the prospects who matter the most to your business or service.

  • Segment your audience and draft the content accordingly

  • Pay attention to your subject lines

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