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Electric oven offers amazing result for any baking work. It is not surprising if many people purchase this appliance to achieve smooth cooking process. It provides steady heat due to large coil lies beneath its floor. It allows the heat to be circulated evenly to all parts of food. To get the best deal on electric ovens in Sri Lanka, check out some of the popular online shopping sites in Sri Lanka such as and To maximize the use of this appliance, get to know some of these tips.

Different with multi cooker that can be adjusted and cook automatically, before start the baking process you need to prepare this oven until it is completely heat. The coils inside this require longer time to warm up. Hence, you should preheat that using full temperature. You can use oven thermometer to help checking its temperature.

This oven sometimes can cause over-browning to your foods. You can prevent it by adding some foil to the edges or top parts of foods. The function of the foil is reducing the excessive heat that might burn its top yet providing space for air to circulate on those parts. You can applying foil before put the foods inside the oven. Otherwise, you let it cook and when you find the edge or top begin to darken, you add that foil.

Where you position the food will affect the result of the baking. While you use multi cooker you just need to set the program to get the things done. However, if you want the foods receive thorough heat you have to put it in the middle of baking rack.

This is the way to give steady heat both for the top and bottom parts of food. Besides, centre part of oven is not directly face the hot spots. You even can rotate the baking pan during the process in order to achieve the preferred result of baking.

Aside from position, baking pan is another thing to take into account when you want to get best result. As electric oven provides steady heat, choose the right pan suit the best with your baking needs. A metal pan helps to make both edges and bottom of food more browning. It is good if you want to make a cake.

However, for creating cookies or pastries, baking pan from dark metal is more suitable since it makes the bottom part crispy. Cupcakes require different pan material because it includes less heat in the process. Pans from ceramic and silicone work the best as it reduce them from browning.

Baking is not always associated with dry environment. There are certain recipes which need moisture in the cooking process. It happens when you bake a bread. Adding steam is quite necessary when making a bread because it helps loaves to expand. This can be tricked by placing a cup of water on a pan and put it on the base of the oven. Another option is adding the steam inside is by opening a little bit of the door spray few amount of water to the air inside. This helps bread cooked perfectly using electric oven.

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