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Essential Guide To Buying Skateboard Shoes

Finding which shoes to use for skating is not as easy as picking a pair of formal shoes. There are so many available choices and an endless stream of new pairs released every season. Every piece offers unique style, features, and functions. It can be overwhelming checking out all the pairs and colours. With the promotion that every brand does to its newly-released footwear like Nike SB shoes, anybody will surely be convinced of buying one even if they haven’t thoroughly scrutinised the product yet. To avoid buying the wrong pair simply because of the hype, perhaps some light reading will provide you with a guide on what factors to consider.

Skate shoes

These skateboarding shoes are not the typical sneakers that you wear for daily use. Like any other sport, it has features that are tailor-made to suit the sport. A genuine pair is equipped with a particular technology since its first pair came out in the 1970s. The shoes have sufficient durability, protection, and comfort built to meet the skateboarding requirements, allowing the user to safely perform their tricks and stunts.

Since then, these types of shoes have gradually entered the mainstream. Several brands have been making their version, so consumers are given a wide variety of choices. 

Essential factors


The shoes’ sole play a major role in the footwear shopping activity, and these pairs have various types.

  • Cupsoles

These have shock-absorbing and long-lasting features to allow full protection from intense landings. Soles are built using a single unit of rubber outsole, where the upper is firmly attached to it. Furthermore, they have more flexibility to help users move freely and avoid tripping while riding the board. Shoe experts consider them to be more durable than pairs with vulcanised soles. Skaters who love to do tricks like jumping off the ledge or on the stairs prefer pairs like Nike SB shoes since they also have additional cushion.

  • Vulcanised soles

Vulcanised pairs of skateboard shoes are lightweight and flexible. Users who prefer sleek design and a comfy feel during their ride would choose these types. The upper is attached and secured by a foxing tape. Then, the pair is heated in an oven to hold the materials together. Through this baking process, the rubbers become softer and get shaped perfectly to the shoe’s form. Hence, the sleeker and higher flexibility. The vulcanised shoes are suitable for skating along the streets while performing easy flip stunts on flat surfaces.


The materials for the upper portion is also another crucial factor in the search process. There are a couple of types, such as suede, leather, canvas, and textile, and each has its distinctive features.

  • Canvas

This is recognised as the staple in any skateboarding footwear since the 1970s because it is lightweight and comfortable. For skaters who want to ease up on their hardcore practices and want to cruise around, canvas-type is the best pair to wear.

  • Leather

Leather skateboard shoes are the most reliable types for this event. Skaters who practice their stunts and tricks normally use their leather pairs since they don’t easily get damaged by the activities’ roughness. 

  • Suede

This is the combo outcome of canvas and leather. Suede possesses excellent abrasion resistance. Hence, it is known to be long lasting. It has a sleeker cut compared to leather pairs and it is more comfortable. 

  • Fabric

Breathable, light, and durable– these are all critical characteristics of fabric-made skateboard footwear. This is also the most advanced aspect in most of the latest releases. Several of these textile-based designs use suede together with other materials.

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