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Natural herbs are one of the oldest medicines in the world. They’ve been used for countless matters throughout the years, from medication and pain relief to beauty and perfumes. 

Today, herbologists have made it their life’s mission to catalog and make use of every herb they’ve found. One of these herbs is the Cannabis plant. This plant is sister to the Marijuana plant. However, according to research, it does not have any health related or dependence problems when ingested by humans in its pure form. 

One of the most special and essential products made from the Cannabis plant is cannabidiol. CBD oil has been increasing in popularity over the last few years, but what exactly is it? And what does it do? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about CBD oil. 

What Is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol, or as it is more commonly known as CBD oil, is an active compound that is carefully extracted from the Cannabis plant. On par with research on the plant itself, CBD oil also causes no known dependence or health-related issues that might be cause for concern. 

To answer the most common question: no, CBD oil will not make you feel high like marijuana does. In other words, it is not psychoactive. It can be ingested in various forms, either in oral form, through application on the skin, or ingestion into the blood stream. 

Health Benefits For CBD Oil

There are many benefits to using CBD oil in daily life. Here are a few of our favorite benefits that may surprise you.

  • One of the major health advantages of CBD oil is the pain relief that it provides its users. When absorbed into the skin, this oil reduces inflammation and interacts with neuro-transmitters to help reduce any pain you might be feeling
  • It is also used as a treatment for anxiety and depression relief. If you’re someone who deals with anxiety or has depressive symptoms, CBD oil can help you deal with and work on reducing them by stimulating the serotonin hormone
  • If you have acne problems, BD oil will help you achieve healthy and smooth skin. 
  • CBD oil is often recommended for use to cancer patients as it counteracts the side effects of chemotherapy
  • CBD oil also helps with PTSD, Parkinson’s disease ; Alzheimer’s disease
  • It reduces and helps treat Arthritis and joint pains
  • It can also alleviate insomnia and migraines

Some Risks Of CBD Oil To Keep In Mind

Everything in life has some pros and cons to it, and the same goes for CBD oil. Although there are many benefits to using this product, there are also certain side effects that you should keep in mind. These include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Feelings of lethargy
  • Bouts of nausea

If taken in high amounts (without the recommendation of a doctor), it can lead to:

  • Extreme diarrhea
  • Liver enzyme fluxes
  • Gastrointestinal problems

How To Consume CBD Oil

There are various ways of using CBD oil that you can choose from. But before you use it, make sure you have talked to your doctor and follow all instructions given to you. 

Here are some recommendations on how you can take CBD oil:

  • Mixing it in food or drinks
  • Spraying it under the tongue

Summing Up

The use of CBD oil is increasing day by day. As science makes leaps and bounds in every field, medicinal products like CBD oil also gain more popularity and traction. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ve learned a lot about CBD oil and are now confident on how to use it.

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