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Today, most businesses have moved online, as the Internet has become an integral part of everyday lives. It is common to search for products and services on the web before making a purchase decision or visiting offline retail stores. 

Why Is SEO Important?

If you want to reach your customers online, your website should appear on the top or first page of the search engine results page. SEO is a necessity to reach your customers and gain a high turnover in a short period. However, competition is intense. It would help if you adopted the right SEO strategies to beat your competitors and win your audience’s trust. 

What Is Included in SEO? 

SEO refers to methods of optimizing websites for better search engine rankings. It includes web structure analysis, website content analysis, and backlinks. 

According to SEO experts, backlinks have greater importance in SEO as they represent a “vote of confidence” from one website to another. Google is always updating its algorithm to enhance user experience. A good backlink works to enhance user experience as it provides additional information about the subject. 

How to Build a Backlinking Profile?

A good backlinking profile includes a good number of high-quality links and does not have any spammy links. However, some SEO experts buy backlinks to build a backlink profile. It is a black hat SEO practice that will decimate your online success sooner or later.

Why Should You Not Fall Prey to Bad SEO Practices?

The world of the Internet is highly competitive. But that does not mean you need to follow bad SEO practices to win the online race. The Penguin and Panda updates by Google were targeted towards websites that used link schemes to improve PageRank. 

Websites that followed black hat SEO practices lost their rankings overnight. It is difficult to recover after search engine penalties. 

What Are the Golden Rules of Building a Backlinking Profile?

The first rule to follow is- never buy backlinks. It might be tempting for businesses to spend some money to build a backlink profile, but such bad SEO practices backfire in the long run.

The Broken-Link Method

The broken-link method can help you get a good number of backlinks. It is easy. You need to find authority websites in your niche and find any broken links to the website. You need to report these broken links to the webmaster. It would help if you were polite when reaching the webmaster.

Give some alternatives to the webmaster to replace the broken links. The alternative links can also include your website links. 

Monitor Your Backlinks 

If your website is old, you cannot ignore the possibility of dead links. Use an excellent online tool to monitor your website backlink profile. Remove any dead links and spammy links. If you have indulged in bad backlinking practices in the recent past, correct them by removing low-quality old URLs. 

Study Competition 

Competitor analysis is an essential aspect of SEO strategy. It includes studying a competitor’s backlink profile. Monitoring competitor backlinking profiles will help you know how your rival businesses are building their backlink profile. You can use their linking strategies to create a robust backlink profile.

Find High-Quality Links

Building a robust link profile is not an overnight task. It takes considerable time to create a backlink profile. Here are some ways to get high-quality links. 


  • Build Relationships


People who don’t know you won’t agree with your backlinking request. Hence, leveraging relationships is the best way to build a good link profile. One of the best ways to build a relationship is to establish you as an expert in the field.


  • Write Great Content 


You can create great content for your business niche. Authority websites are always looking for great content for backlinking. When you present great content, people will recognize you, and it will be easy for you to ask for backlinks for your website.

Write Testimonials for Other Websites

Another way to build relationships is by writing testimonials for other websites in your niche. When you post testimonials, you also get an opportunity for backlinking. 

Domain Authority Monitoring

Domain authority refers to a search engine score that helps you know how your website is likely to rank on top of the search engine results page. When you use backlinks from other sites, search engine bots check the PageRank of the page to determine the link’s quality.

Monitoring your web pages’ domain authority and links on your web pages will give you an idea of how well your website performs in search engine results. 

To sum up, building a robust backlink profile is a necessity for online success. Make sure you follow the right backlinking strategies to gain good online visibility for your website. 

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