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The vaping industry has seen such a rapid rate of growth in the past few years. Compared to other industries, its growth rate is definitely one of the most impressive out there. It first hit the market in 2004 and continues to grow until today – and there are no signs of stopping anytime soon. As of 2017, the global market for vaping is estimated to be worth around $14 billion. Experts predict that it will grow to as much as $50 billion by 2025.

Quick Glimpse into Vaping Technology Timeline

When vaping was first introduced into the market, they were designed primarily for recreational use. Over time, it gained popularity as people were realizing what other benefits they can get from its use. One of the things that contributed to its popularity is when people started using modern e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. While research is ongoing to provide more evidence to that, there are substantial benefits that are being experienced by those who’ve made the switch (particularly those who want to quit smoking).

Here is a glimpse into how the vaping technology has developed in the past few decades since it was launched:

  • The first generation of e-cigs, or vape devices, was introduced into the earlier 2000s. These devices looked very similar to a combustible tobacco cigarette. It was slightly bigger and heavier than traditional cigarettes, too. You can purchase them in disposable or rechargeable configurations. Many long-time smokers were interested to switch to these e-cigs because they looked like a real cigarette and were available at a cheaper price. During this time, there were some issues with the models in terms of flavor options and customizability.
  • The second generation of vaping technology products was still considerably large in size. They feature a pen-style design but had a longer battery life compared to its predecessor. Most of the models are also in rechargeable format. These products would typically come with clearomizer style tank. Meanwhile, the pen-style design offered portability and cost-efficiency. The quality of the vapor produced was also noticeably better than the first generation vape devices.
  • The third generation of vape devices are known as mods or advanced personal vaporizers. This one took a major leap from traditional cigarettes in terms of design and aesthetics. It quickly gained popularity because it appealed to hobbyists who are looking for more customization options in their vaping sessions (of which the latest generation of vape devices were able to deliver). There are now more advanced settings available at their disposal, such as variable wattage, voltage control, temperature setting control, and more e-liquid flavor options like ejuicevapor. Although a bit more expensive than the first two generations of vape devices, users were willing to pay a higher price for a more customized experience.

Current Vaping Technologies in the Market

The current range of vaping technologies and devices in the market has set a high standard for future manufacturers. Several manufacturers have produced new types of atomizers that use either titanium or nickel wires. When coupled with higher wattage, they can alter the entire vaping experience. New types of technologies are also being tweaked to make improvements to the quality of vaping experience, such as higher thermal conductivities. These improvements promise to make temperature regulation more efficient and accurate. The use of nickel wires are also believed to produce more flavorful and thicker vapor.

The use of sub-ohm vape tanks marks the most cutting-edge technology available among vape users. They deliver optimum vapor clouds that many users seek. You can therefore expect that more manufacturers will be producing this type of tanks in the future.

Other forms of technologies that mark the new standard in today’s vaping industry include the use of OLED and LCD displays. The display screen quality is vital in enabling the users to tweak their vaping experience as the information is clearly displayed for them to see. With the necessary parameters in display, it is easy to make the necessary adjustments to customize your experience.

Essentially, the new technologies available in the vaping industry are focused on delivering a customized vape experience. Vaping users desire the ability to make tweaks and customizations to fit their individual needs. This type of control was not previously offered by the earlier models of vape devices. And in the future, you can expect that vape manufacturers will take this into account when developing new models.

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