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even a basic outfit and give it a current vibe. Some beaded jewellery can highlight a simple white shirt and jeans look whereas chunky hair clips can give an interesting spin to a simple updo.

Nostalgia Hits Hard

Did you love the double denim and baby tee trends from the 2000s? Use Y2K fashion as an excuse to dress in some of your favourite items from back then and watch nostalgia hit in a good way. There’s nothing more joyful than seeing your most-loved fashion pieces come back in style! Make a list of everything you loved back then and get searching for all the coolest pieces out there. If you’ve still got some older pieces, even better! All you need to do is get styling.

Pro Tip:

While you might want to take a deep dive into all the cool looks from the 2000s, you may want to opt for updated pieces for a more relevant style statement. Mix extreme Y2K trends with more current trends like baggy jeans with a blazer or sheer layers with sleek trousers. This will help keep a balance in your outfit effortlessly.

Personal Style

When trying your hand at any new trends, it’s most important to consider whether or not they will be a good fit with your existing wardrobe. Your personal style is one of the deciding factors when considering Y2K fashion. If something doesn’t feel like you, don’t be afraid to give it a miss Will unique trends like bucket hats, matching tracksuit sets and slip dresses pair well with what you usually pick from your wardrobe. If they will, you’ve got your answer!

Pro Tip:

A great way to blend Y2K clothing trends with your personal style is to pick colours that you’re comfortable with. Not only will this give you the confidence to rock your look but will also help mix and match within your wardrobe much more easily.

Will it stay in your closet for long?

While a lot of Y2K pieces available today are in an upgraded version more relevant for today’s fashion, it is most important to consider whether or not you will choose to wear it for a long time. Don’t make rash decisions of opting for clothes or accessories just because you see a lot of people wear them. You do you!

Pro Tip:

It may really make sense to give a good look at your most worn pieces and if your potential Y2K picks will fit in with them. If you can’t pair them easily with your favourites, you may not end up wearing them that often. You can also try thrift stores for such pieces. This way you’re not making a fresh or expensive purchase and you’ll still get a chance to try out some Y2K clothing styles.

We hope these tips helped you figure out whether or not Y2K fashion is something you could try.

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