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The climate and the weather of the city are solely responsible to grab the attention of a number of tourists around the year. Specifically, there is no summer here, pleasant weather encourages people to explore the places. Together wish to hang out with your partner in the city, just Hotel Rooms for unmarried couples in Bangalore through ONLINE ROOM BOOKING service. If privacy and romance is your triumph card to show your partner, then log into site where you will get exactly what you want. If you already select your scheduled spots then go for HOTELS NEAR ME option and confirm your stay before packing the baggage.

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Though the city is notable for IT professionals, nature and its basket full of wonder are await to discover here. You can start your journey from Cubbon Park, located in the center of the city’s chaos. Looking like a green carpet, the park has a library, museum, aquarium, toy train, statutes, the pavilion and many more. The asset of the park is its green effect, which supplies the oxygen into the air in the city and maintains the balance of the eco-system.

Bannerghatta National park is another destination for the nature lover. Various kinds of wild lives co-exist there to create a harmonious living. The ranging started from tiger to lions, besides snakes to bears along with eye-arresting butterflies to magnificent birds. If sporty attitude you have, can opt out for trekking within the park and you will reach to a temple, located in the top of the national park.

Now move your focus to the commercial street from natural elements. Tusker Town and Shivajinagar are engrossed for the commercial exchange, a complete shopping destination for all. Both sides of the street are overflowing with shops and hawkers. Even you will get local items and branded items too. It’s a complete fun rolling experience as you will probably get your best deal if you’re an expert in bargaining.

One more shopping point is there, Phoenix Market city, a complete shopper stop where you will get almost everything you required under the single roof. The mall is Asia’s one of the largest shopping center, extended the area up to 1.4 million sq.ft. You will get a global shopping experience in Phoenix.

Turn the next page of your destination and step forward towards the Art of Living International Center. Established in 1986, founded by Shri Shri Ravi Shankar, an eminent spiritual guru, a philosopher, an orator, an author and above all a wonderful human being who tirelessly working for the better living of human being. The center or better to say Ashram located on the top of the Panchagiri Hills, over 65 acres of land, near Udipalya village. People visit here to quench their thirst and augmented by getting into the meditation, yoga, spiritual aspects, mental issues, Vedic knowledge and many more. Every corner of the center is ready to offer their service, well managed along with well -behaved personnel.

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The whole Bangalore city and the outskirt have everything for the visitors. According to their choice and taste, people would decide the venue and the time to explore the things.

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