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Let us talk about cannabis seeds, shall we? They can in many forms. Ideally, cannabis seeds can be distinguished into 3 major categories. These three categories can then be subdivided further into other categories depending on need. The three categories of cannabis seeds are the feminized, the autoflowering, and the regular seeds. Although they are stated here as distinct categories, some seeds can be bred together to form a new category. For instance, you can breed autoflowering together with feminized seeds to form autoflowering feminized seeds.

In this article, we will highlight some of the key differences among these seeds and also explore their utility. Read on:

What are the circumstances when either of the seeds can be used?

These seed categories vary depending on need. For instance, growers who prefer only the female versions of the plant species in their growing space will go for feminized seeds. With these seeds, there isonly a one percent chance that you will grow a male plant.

Autoflowering seeds USA are valued due to several reasons. But perhaps the one reason that makes them preferable is their speed of growth. Autoflowering seeds USA tend to grow quickly and the farmers will have to harvest the plants just a few weeks after planting.

Regular seeds are the ones that you are likely to find around moderately priced and abundant. They are often first utilized by those who are getting into cannabis growing for the first time. The lack of expertise makes them choose the one product that allows them to grow not only uncompromised seeds but also seeds that are genetically sturdy.

The various seed categories and their properties

Here are some of the properties of the various seed categories.

Regular seeds

These seeds are not altered in any way. When you plant regular seeds, there is always a 5o per cent chance that your plants will be either females or males. There is not guarantee on the overall outcomes of the seeds because you are just letting nature play its course.

The type of growers who might be interested in regular seeds are those growers who are invested in creating new cannabis strains. To create a strain, you need a male plant to produce pollen and the you will use that pollen to cross with another species and then come up with a new strain.

Therefore, it is not uncommon to find regular seeds in the forms of sativa dominant or indica dominant seed species.

Feminized seeds

Feminized seeds are creating with the main purpose of eliminating the male chromosomes from the growing variants. When you plant feminized seeds, the chance of growing a male plant is less than one per cent. Many of the grown lants will be female. Growers who are not interested in creating new hybrids are more interested in the flower than the pollen and these are the category of growers who will buy feminized seeds sch as the Mephisto genetics seeds for sale.

Autoflowering seeds

There is a reason why these seeds are called autoflowering seeds. And the reason is that when these seeds produce flowers, they do so without having to transform in the light cycle. As a result, autoflowering seeds do not require much monitoring. They are some of the easiest seeds to grow and maintain. They also grow fast and can maintain a healthy state even in the face of a short-lived change in the environmental growing factors. Mephisto genetics USA have a wide variety of autoflowering seeds and these seeds are also ideal for new growers who are getting into the art of growing cannabis seeds for the first time.

Which one do you choose?

The seed that you will grow is dependent on your expected outcome. Regular seeds are preferable when you want to develop new hybrids. Autoflowering seeds are easy to grow and feminized seeds are of high yield. The categories have their unique pros and cons which you can evaluate against and make a sound conclusion on what you need.


When you want to buy any category of seeds such as autoflowering seeds USA then there are many seed banks across the United States that can sort you out amicably with your need.

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