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In the busy world that we live in, every day is a challenge. We involve in multiple tasks, managing our office work, buying some finished household stuff, and many more things. And doing this, we forget to take care of ourselves. 

The dust that we run through daily does a lot of damage to our skin and hair. But what do we do to recover from it? Yes, we all use a good face wash right after coming home and relax because we have done enough self-care. No doubt it is a good habit. But is that enough? A big no. 

Your skin demands more from you. At least scrub it with some gentle scrub cream or use some dirt extracting masks that are suitable for your skin. And if you are the person who just wants to do it without caring for many specifications, here you go. Use some products that are suitable for all skin types, like Korean face masks. 

Yes, we are mentioning them because we have found them doing wonders on all skin types. We will touch on what we have found about them through our research but before that, here is what skincare should be a part of your daily routine. 

Stay hydrated

Drink a lot of water. Sounds very obvious, no? Then, ask yourself. Why are you still not drinking enough water? Why can you not follow the routine of staying hydrated for a long period? Because it is not that obvious. We do not have it as our priority. Many of the basic skin problems like acne, dullness of skin, dark circles, can be dealt with following this routine, to a great extent. So, no matter how obvious does it sound, we would mention it. Drink a lot of water.    

Never forget to apply sunscreen before going out

Sunscreen is also linked with a lot of myths. It stimulates darkness of the skin, increases wrinkles, or makes you age earlier than time, and whatnot. But believe me, that’s a myth. Yes, read it again. And promise yourself not to listen to such rubbish again. 

Going out without a sunblock means welcoming UV rays and dirt and anything that would hurt your skin directly. Even experts say, apply as much sunscreen as possible. Because it is an all good and no harm thing.   

Take care of your stomach

Well, the stomach is important. Keep it healthy so that it keeps your skin healthy. Because otherwise, it can become the best enemy of your skin. This is what you can do

  • Avoid food that enhances the acidity of your stomach
  • Try to eat light food at least once a day
  • Eat nutrition-rich food 
  • Drink water early in the morning to wash away all the alkaline or acids
  • Eat regularly and with proper breaks
  • Walk enough to digest the food you have eaten
  • Never overburden your stomach with heavy food eaten in large quantity

Doing all this definitely will make you feel better and positive about your health. Moreover, within some time, you will feel a healthy, nourishing effect on your skin.


Exfoliate your skin regularly

Exfoliating is important, very important indeed. It opens the pores, lets your skin breathe, removes the dirt and extra dead skin from it.

Before applying any makeup product or I would say nay mask, exfoliation should be done. Because it would allow that product to affect directly your skin and makeup would be applied with perfect balance and consistency. Use a good exfoliating face wash, cream, and if possible, an exfoliating brush too. 

Use the right masks

Get away with the mess of deciding what mask is the best for your skin. We would suggest using Korean face masks because they make your skin live in its truly healthy form. Wrinkles, under-eye bags, and dark patches are emerging skin problems nowadays. These masks would serve the best for every case. 

As there are a lot of companies providing them but who knows which ones are genuine. So, our tried and tested are the masks provided by BioRepublic Skin Care. They have original Korean masks and those at quite a reasonable price. You can check out their website for more details.

Long story short, keeping your skin healthy is as important as anything. So, make it a lifestyle instead of taking it as a foreign thing disturbing your routine. Have healthy skin!


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