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What makes designer brands so appealing? Well, a lot of things – superior quality, longer-lasting materials, impression of a higher status, possession of wealth, etc. Also, designer brands have a greater resale value, which make them even more attractive when it comes to projecting an image of prominence among colleagues and friends.

Now with all these associated perks, it is obvious that designer fashion clothing isn’t cheap, especially items such as coats and shoes. But worry not – if your budget and heart can’t agree, here are five resourceful tips to help you score some of your favourite designer merchandise without having to spend a huge sum of money.

  1. Plan Ahead – Off-season Shopping

Shopping off-season is probably one of the easiest ways to obtain the best discounts on classic pieces that retailers want to simply give away before the new merchandise arrives. Savvy off-season shopping can help you score major discounts and store designer clothing for when the right season come back again. Opt for deals on clothes that you know will still be in-style next season. Also, since these items are usually clearance, check for return policies before making any hasty decisions.

Here’s another secret: the ideal time to go off-season shopping is one or two weeks before a sale actually begins, but only if the shop offers price adjustments. The latter refers to partial refunds on an item provided by the retailer if that item goes on sale after you have bought it. It’s a win-win situation – you get to peacefully select items before they are harshly picked through in sales, and you can avail a discount a few weeks later when the item goes on sale.

  1. Subscribe to Newsletters and Special Offers

Sales and limited time offers often go unnoticed if you’re not a very vigilant shopper. By subscribing to newsletters, brands let you know of promotions or special discounts being offered on special occasions. Via an email or text message, you can avail big discounts on your first purchase, and also become aware of ‘secret sales’. ClothingU10 is one such brand and you can find many others on the web.

  1. Second-hand Shopping at Consignment Shops

Second-hand shopping – finding designer clothing for as much as half the original price! Consignment shops are a sanctuary when it comes to someone wanting to buy designer clothes on a strict budget. They either buy clothing from owners and sell for a profit, or sell clothes for the owners and split the profit with them. Whatever their method, this guarantees that the merchandise will be of good quality and closer to the original.

Since these shops also repair and launder items before selling them, they’re a great place for buying special-occasion dresses as well.

  1. Bargain Shopping Online (Closeout Sites)

Browsing through closeout sites is just like scouring through racks in a clearance store. Closeout sites collect or purchase items that are either out-of-season or have been removed from branded stores, and sell them at huge discounts. Having a look at the prices of high-end fashion merchandise on these sites will definitely make your day!

  1. Opt for Other Collections by the Same Brand

Not known to most people is the fact that most fashion brands have branched out into an ‘umbrella’ of companies. For instance, capsule collections consist of a few items that best represent the designers work or collaboration with another brand. The same jackets, dresses, pants, and skirts are manufactured on a loop, hence driving down costs but maintaining quality.

Another concept if that of bridge lines, which represent the partnership between a high-end fashion brand and a low-priced retailer. Simply put, branded items are manufactured at lower rates and sold at more affordable prices. However, the quality here may be a bit compromised.

Lastly, certain brands have ‘lower-cost’ versions of themselves. They mostly comprise of trendier items and don’t follow the stringent quality standards of the chief brand, but at least you can own something you love at an affordable cost.

Looking at the ever-evolving fashion industry, it’s hard not to want to indulge in latest high-end style and clothing. By simply following the tips given above, you can make your dream of owning and wearing designer clothing come true without having to empty out your entire savings!


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