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Forehead reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure that can help to reduce the height of your forehead. Larger foreheads may be due to genetics, hair loss, or other cosmetic procedures. This surgical option also known as hairline lowering surgery can help balance the proportions of your face.

Forehead reduction surgery is a surgical procedure that is typically done under general anesthesia. Local anesthetic is also used in the forehead area to help reduce pain and bleeding.


The hairline and area of forehead to be removed will be marked with a surgical skin marker. Great care is taken to ensure that the cut along the hairline preserves the hair follicles and nerves.The entire forehead, from the hairline to just above the brows, is numbed using a local anesthetic.An incision is made along the marked area of the forehead and hairline (also called the pretrichial incision). The surgeon will carefully separate the skin from the connective tissue underneath and cut out the area that has been marked for removal.The top incision along the hairline is then pulled down to join the forehead incision. This closes the gap and shortens the forehead.The skin is sutured together in a way that minimizes scar formation and is hidden almost completely by the hairline upon hair regrowth.


Most people can return home within a few hours after the surgery. You’ll need to return to the office for suture removal over the following week and a half. You’ll also be asked to return for observation and post-operative checkups roughly 2 to 4 weeks after surgery.

Alternatives to a forehead reduction   

If a forehead reduction isn’t right for you, there are many other options including:                                 A brow lift – shifting the sking of the eyebrow area to lift the brows higher on the face.Hair grafting – This involves taking hair from the follicles at the back of your scalp and transplanting them to the front of your hairline.


According to Realself, the average cost of the surgery in the United States is $8,375. This cost should include facility and anesthesia fees. The procedure should be performed in a sterile accredited operating room and safely under general anesthesia.

Tips Before Your Surgery

Start with a consult. We offer free consults and during the consult you will be shown forehead reduction before and after photos. The bottom line that there is a lot you need to know about the recovery, the incision and if you are a candidate. Find a surgeon who performs a lot of surgery on this, knows how to plan an incision, and finally has the ability to perform hair transplant to help camouflage the incision further if needed.

Benefits of Forehead Surgery

Forehead Reduction Surgery, Hairline Lowering aims to alter the balance of the upper facial features to enhance the feminine appearance, or improve the male forehead balance. The procedure which is best suited to your goals will be determined at your consultation. Your result can restore self-confidence and boost self-esteem.

If you are concerned about the size or height of your forehead which is not in proportion to your facial features, then Forehead Reduction or Hairline Lowering Surgery may be suitable for you. You should be realistic as to what can be achieved by the Forehead, Hairline Lowering Surgery and understand the risks and side effects of this surgery.

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