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Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is one of the oldest yet one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses. For starters, the audiences that email marketing campaigns target are the groups that are either existing customers or people who are interested in a product or service the brand offers. But, sending out bulk emails runs the risk of ending up in the audience’s spam box. This is where an email marketing platform comes into play and How Do Email Money Transfers Work?

However, marketers still face challenges in choosing the right email marketing services. Especially with the notion that one needs to have a paid subscription to send out bulk emails, most marketers end up opting for the one that seems cost-effective without paying attention to whether that’s the one that would serve them best. Moreover, when looking for an email marketing tool, a simple google search would present innumerable options that could lead to confusion and fatigue, and marketers risk picking the wrong option. 

We have listed out a few well-performing, convenient and free email marketing tools that you can look into.

HubSpot Email Marketing

A consolidated CRM service provider, HubSpot’s free email marketing tool offers a number of personalised options to create appealing emails. With the platform’s extensive library of templates features, users can design a number of professional-looking emails – from automated ones to customized ones – each can be optimized and tailored to reach the recipients. Users can run A/B tests and design tests for their email campaigns and provide analytics even before the campaign has been broadcasted. Once the marketing campaign is live, a full range of data is provided on its performance.

HubSpot’s free email marketing tool offers 2000 emails per month.  


AWeber is a simple yet powerful email marketing tool that targets small businesses. The platform controls end-to-end email delivery, which means the emails will reach the audiences’ inboxes without fail. Apart from design tools, automation options and performance analytics, the email marketing platform’s free plan also features landing page templates with the option of creating unlimited landing pages. It also allows integration with eCommerce websites, Canva API, access to a library of free stock images, free data migration and other interesting solutions. 

AWeber’s free email marketing tool offers 3000 emails per month.  


Most common amongst marketers across industries, Mailchimp is one of the leading email marketing platforms. Its free email marketing tools are great for budding businesses that want to experiment with their email marketing strategies. Not only does it cover the usual features that most email marketing tools have, but also offers multichannel tools, social postings, Facebook and Instagram ads and postcards. It also supports 250+ app integrations and offers a survey tool.

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Mailchimp’s free email marketing tool offers upto 10,000 sends per month and a daily limit of 2,000. 

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Get Response

Get Response boasts of offering a forever-free email marketing solution and 99% accuracy on the deliverability of emails. The platform provides all the run of mill features such as email layout and template libraries, audience segmentation, and analytics on audience behaviour. Additionally, the platform’s email marketing services include auto-responders, action-based triggers on emails, and automated blog sharing. The email marketing platform also offers a perfect timing tool. Users can also add products from their GetResponse store, and integrate their existing online store.

Get Response’s free email marketing tool offers unlimited sends, but limits adding contacts to 500 email subscribers.

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho brings a host of features to the table – email list segmentation, easy data import from multiple apps, integrations, pre-designed templates, email lists’ health management, social sharing and so on. The email marketing software offers A/B testing, anti-spam filters, send-time optimization, and detailed performance insights. Users can choose from a variety of campaign formats, from simple newsletters to survey emails, RSS campaigns to form-based emails. 

Zoho Campaigns’ free email marketing tool provides up to 2000 subscribers or 12000 emails per month

Email marketing is a core element for any business and these free email marketing tools can help brands amplify their reach. By selecting the ideal email marketing services, businesses can save time and money in this front of digital marketing.

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