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Every year, students coming from different walks of life feel free to apply for the student visas to set their feet on the soil of Australia.  Graduate temporary visas enable them to extend the duration of stays in any sophisticated metro city located in Australia. How to get this Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485? The online visa application takes places, and million young postgraduate students/ technical experts/trained engineers are interested in filling up the forms to have the legal work permits/ 485 Visa Australia / permission to visit Australia.  However, they need good FAQ sheets so that gradually, they become trained with ideas on how to complete the comprehensive application process in this regard.

01.    What are the Different Types of Temporary Graduate Subclass 485 Visa?

There are Post Study Work stream and The Graduate Work Stream. Students have to choose the specific section to move for the online form fill-up. Depending on the scores earned by the student, the post-study work stream visa is granted. The students get a maximum of 4 years extra for trying other fields to have the jobs in Australia.  On the other hand, the graduate work stream helps skilled international students to find better jobs in Australia. This visa is given to the candidates who have particular technical skill or qualification in the listed categories. This special Subclass 485 Visa lasts for 18 months from the date of issuance.

02.     How Do You Get Permission to Face Graduate Work Stream?

You have the skill for an occupation on MLTSSL.  The applicants must ensure their expertise in the listed talent or technical potentialities. Besides, the candidates must have had necessary certificates in compliance with the Australian skill assessment rules. Candidates should not violate the existing law in immigration. You can’t add additional qualification or skill which is not mentioned in the list. The Australian government needs all applicants to be fair with a higher level of honesty.

03. Requirement Must Match the Skill

Before application, every candidate must have a clear understanding of the process of getting the visas from the Australian government. When you approach extending the stays, you have to follow the rules. For instance, check the list of skills for assessment. Based on your education and technical expertise, the higher authority will test your potentiality in the specific area. Well, don’t select any skill which is not known to you. Or, don’t waste your time by opting for the occupation which is not available in the list.


04.    How Long Is a Temporary Graduate Visa Valid?

485 subclass visas have 18 months validity whereas Post Study Work Stream subclass visa has 2 to 4 years validity from the date of issuance. Generally, there is 2 years validity for completion of Bachelor degree, three years for Masters, and four years for a doctorate.

05.    Can I Apply for Post Study Work Stream Even After a Student Visa?

If you possess a student visa as a junior dependent prior to 2011, you will not be eligible to have the Post Study Work Stream visa.

06.     How to Apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa?

See, going to top websites, you will have to navigate for registration to create new ID and passwords for online applications. The website address is available on the internet to check the content. Fill up the form step by step.  However, the immigration service in Australia is beneficial to you to have an online guide. The migration Agent Adelaide collects necessary documents, certificates, and papers for a successful application.

Candidates should go through the FAQ sheet to have the necessary information regarding the different steps of submitting the application form to have the temporary graduate visa from the Australian government.  Have an online guide from top Immigration Agent Adelaide.


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