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CBD oil for dog

CBD is one of the most popular products for pets today. If you are planning to get CBD for dogs and cats, you need to buy it from a company that is working with registered laboratories and local farms. These companies should know the complete manufacturing process of their finished CBD oil products, and they should be able to answer any questions that you may have. For more authentic information and to get products visit CBD dog treats.

Here are other things to know if you are planning to administer cannabidiol for your pet.

Common FAQs from Pet Owners

Can the Product Make Your Dog “High”?

The answer is NO. Your pet won’t get high with CBD treats or oil. These are health products that come from the hemp plant, and overall, it contains less than 0.3% of the substance called tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the psychoactive compound that is abundant in marijuana, and it makes its users high.

On the other hand, the cannabinoids present in CBD are perfectly safe to take and they can treat various ailments in animals. What’s more, they don’t impair your dogs’ cognitive abilities. Instead, your canines and felines will feel a sense of calm, and you can help alleviate their back and joint pains in the process.

Isn’t Hemp Just Another Term for Weed or Marijuana?

Even if hemp is from the same plant family as marijuana, the two are very different. The hemp is another strain of the Cannabis sativa plant that has therapeutic benefits. It is used in many industries, and it acts as neuroprotectants and antioxidants. Researchers have found that hemp is a non-psychoactive substance, and it can be a superfood.

Hemp plants contain less than 0.3% of THC, and its seeds and oil have many health benefits. The foods manufactured from the plant can help your pet’s bodies heal their tumors, calm anxieties, and ease painful sensations. While the Food and Drug Administration may prohibit everyone from making claims about the hemp oil, they are mostly beneficial to animals’ bodies.

Is the Act of Buying Hemp Legal?

Yes! Hemp is perfectly legal to grow and sell in all 50 states of the United States of America. This is because the Farm Bill of 2018 in place legalized the growing of the hemp plants. Read more about the regulation of cannabidiol from the FDA here:

On the other hand, marijuana is still illegal in many states because it contains higher THC levels. The difference of hemp from marijuana is its THC content. THCs are psychoactive compounds that make the users stoned and addicted to weed. While both marijuana and hemp are part of the cannabis family, their structural compounds differ, and both of them have different percentages of THC.

Are the products exclusive for dogs and cats?

While most of the CBD health products are safe for human consumption, it is still important to get the ones that have dog or cat food-grade levels. The dose of CBD that is ideal for humans may be too much for your dog, so it is still important to separate them.

Vets and chemists specially formulated most of the treats and food that are considered ideal for your furry friends. The formulas are perfectly designed to speed up your pets’ healing if they have arthritis, anxieties, or even cancer. You must prioritize companies that put your pets’ health in mind since they are the ones that carefully formulate the mix of CBD oil for your canines.

What to look for when buying hemp products?

buying hemp products

As mentioned, look for a product specifically made for animals since they have undergone the approval of vets and chemists. Look for products that source hemp plants from the US rather than import oil from other countries. With locally-sourced ingredients, you are sure that they are safe from pesticides and other contaminants.

Also, it is important to look for products that are full-spectrum and contain rich extracts. Never mind those with product labels that state that they are distillate, isolate, or pure CBD. The full-spectrum varieties mean that the cannabinoids are still intact during the manufacturing and extraction process, and this is something that can be immensely beneficial for your pet.

The ideal products to buy are those that do not contain thinning ingredients such as ethylene or propylene glycol. There should not be any harmful ingredients and additives. The essential oils combined with CBD products are commonly organic and pure, and they are derived from high-resin strains of cannabis. The products to choose should be certified in accordance with the regenerative organic standards.

Is there a chance of overdose?

No, there’s no chance of overdosing your pet with a high-quality CBD oil. For more dosing recommendations, you can browse this page here for more information. Researchers have discovered that if you administer the maximum dose to your pet for a week, it won’t result in adverse effects that can harm their health.

What’s more, there are no known indications about cannabidiol harming both animals and humans. The tinctures are coming from industrial-grade hemp, and any presence of THC is eliminated in the process. There are also no known toxic doses with regards to CBD, according to many animal experts. If you are a pet owner, you can treat CBD as a natural remedy that has many benefits for your cats and dogs. What you can do though, is to gradually administer the doses and observe their effects for a few weeks before reaching the full recommended dosage.

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