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Wedge Wire Screen

Welded wedge wire is generally seen in V-shaped and used for constructing a screen that can robust and provide extremely accurate outputs. Stainless steel is used for manufacturing the wedge wire into numerous shapes. It is generally used for form floors such as discs, breweries, and drums for filtration. 

These wedge wires are also used in the food processing industries, sugar industries, food washing industries, etc. They are also available in a cylindrical form that is known as slotted tube filters. 

Wedge wire performs well in applications where accuracy and strength are the most required aspects. This is extremely used for solid-liquid separation, filtration, coal classification, dewatering, concentration, irrespective of industry or location. 

A wedge wire screen is a multipurpose screen that is both tough and has higher clogging resistance with extreme durability. It is suitable for situations where high-pressure and maintenance-free applications are needed. There are many more advantages when it comes to wedge wire screens. 


The main and the major classification of wedge wire screen is shape classification. Different shapes are used for different applications to fulfill the usage accordingly. It is important to check what kinds of shapes your requirements needs and also what supplier can provide. 

The delivered shapes are screen panel, screen tube, sieve bends, wire nozzles, etc. If you are looking for any special size, they can be ordered for customizations at the supplier. 


As already said, there is a wide range of applications of wedge wire screens. In general, 

Vibrating screen panels, decorative material, and floors. There are many more industrial applications such as chemical, coal, water, food treatment application for screening, sizing, filtering. 

The different wedge wire screens will be suitable for the machines, including desulfurizes, carbon filters, molecular sieves, lauter tuns, and gas sweeteners. 


During the manufacture of the wedge wire screens, there will be taken high measures to maintain the quality of products and accurate specs. All these products are manufactured with automatic equipment that ensures the accuracy of all the products. 


Make sure the providers have quality check systems and professional teams for manufacturing the Wedge wire screens. 


The products have particular measurements for the different sizes, and these need to be inspected accurately because the size and dimensions of any wedge wire screen can make a difference in the application usage. 

Suppliers should take care of these particular aspects. If there is any mistake, the product needs to be destroyed and make another one as it will be of no use for any situation. 

Perfect Package

The wedge wire screens are packed perfectly while transporting. These screens will be packed in waterproof papers and wooden case. The papers or the plastic will protect the screen from water and moisture. The wooden case or the pallet will prevent the wedge wire screen from any strong impact. 

These are some common applications of wedge wire screens. When you are buying, make sure to check all these advantages are provided in the products.

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