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While there are several printing and packaging companies on the market, we differentiate ourselves by virtue of offering more services. We have built a wide variety of designs and models, and they are very simple to modify to your specifications. So each customer can express their personality on their pillow boxes. Aside from this, we ensure that our customers leave satisfied. It is our goal to have a long-term relationship with every one of trust with our clients. Thus, to help ensure that we meet our clients’ unique needs. GCP Packaging UK delivers the best customer service on the market.

 Since we respect and take criticism, we also listen to your opinions and respond to them critically and constructively. Every time we do new packaging and printing, we strive to raise the bar on our quality. Although we also appreciate your comments and reviews of these products, we also value your input in making both areas. We manufacture high-quality colors. In addition, if you want something custom printed on the pillowcases, it should be in print or computer font. We’re going to give it to you in advance for free and run a small test first, before mass-producing it.

Each design is individual and distinctive and distinctive

We promise to make you distinct. It’s common for people to opt for pillow boxes as packaging, and you won’t be disappointed with the results. We have many colors and design models to choose from. We know that it’s impossible for anyone’s design to appeal to everybody. Hence, our talented designers have created numerous designs available on our platform to meet various needs. 

Concept packaging, according to GCP UK claims that it works when it makes a positive first impression on the target audience. Our concepts and your personalization will thrill. Even if you choose one of the designs on our website, you have the freedom to design your own personalized designs. If you have a vision for the package, we will help you realize it. The extension of this mandate further assures you there will be no pillow packaging on the market in the UK like that you currently have. If your gift is big or tiny, we have plenty of options here!

Custom Made High-End Material

Pillow boxes wholesale are used to preserve the product and protect it. It must be both strong enough to contain the material, but pliable enough to allow its contents to move. Each pillow is packaged with corrugated paper to guard against the sun, rain, and/even wind because the product must be protected from external forces. For retail packaging, we have many different options to choose from. While some are in the mid-range, and there are also options for those on a budget. No matter what it costs, we only use the highest quality materials, period. As we want you to become a regular customer, we provide the highest-quality supplies that we can. If you have an interest in styling and designing the boxes, we have an opportunity for you. The customer’s needs are what we are concerned about. To make it easier, we strive to meet your needs. Moreover, our designers and artists assist you in the design of the case, and the production of your campaign materials. They use the experience to give you high-quality ideas. The major advantage is that they provide free of charge.


If you’re looking to buy large quantities of corrugated pillow boxes, our store would be the perfect match. It is important to bear in mind that when you purchase significant amounts that the budget will be affected. Thus, we have bulk pricing. We keep our retail pricing for custom pillow boxes modest while maintaining a high standard of materials and design. You not only will be spending less money, but you also will have standardized pillow packaging this way.

Why is GCP UK so creative?

The main goal of purchasing custom pillow boxes is to be able to provide something that makes the products exclusive to the buyer. We are really customizable so that your own personal touch can be applied. Our designers assist you from the beginning stages of design all the entire process. Whatever form it takes in your case is entirely up to you. We’re making sure the print quality is as good as any of them. 

We use 2D, 3D, or even full-size sampling if required, in order to provide a comprehensive look at the appearance of the packaging. When you are pleased with the templates and styles, we personalize them to your preferences. Instead of a present, your gifts act as a constant reminder of you. Additionally, our delivery personnel arrives on time and within the timeframe you choose. Also, our customer service is available around the clock to answer your questions.

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