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The United States green card is a big deal for immigrants in the United States, everyone who wants to live in the United States permanently must have the green card to live in the country peacefully as it is the license to permanent residence in the country. The green card is not very easy to get because many immigrants are desperate to live in the country in search of better opportunities, which is not in their countries. If everyone is allowed to get the green card, there will be too many people in the country, and it can lead to mass unemployment which is why the country is restricting the rate at which green card can be achieved. As it is difficult to get a green card, it is also very possible to get. Below are some eligibility categories of the green card:   

Through Family: The best way to get the United States green card is if you are an immediate relative. The most common one is through a spouse, if a spouse of a United States citizen is still an immigrant on visa, the spouse can apply for a green card based on the fact that he or she is married to a citizen and he or she will be granted the green card which means permanent residence. The second way is if you are a child of the United States Citizen. Other relations of a citizen like a brother, sister, and so on are also eligible.

Visa is the same as ESTA? NO! ESTA is for visa waiver program countries why visa is for every other eligible nationality that wants to travel to the USA. If your country is among the ESTA countries, it is better that you check the ESTA application.

Through employment: Green card can be obtained through employment in the United States, but some conditions are backing it. Firstly, if you are a popular researcher or professor who works in the United States, you can get a green card easily. If you are also working in the United States as a special worker, which means your job requires a special degree, you are also eligible for a green card in the United States.

Special Immigrant: Some special immigrants in the United States can get the green card with their status as a special immigrant. It is not possible for anyone to declare himself or herself as a special immigrant because some conditions define a special immigrant. Some special immigrants that include Iraq and Afghanistan citizens that worked for the United States in Iraq since March 20, 2003, till date, being an international broadcaster that is coming into the United States to work with the media, being an employee of an important world organization like NATO, UNO, etc.  Children who need urgent rescue from physical abuse, abandonment by parents, and so on that have declared their SIJ status can also get the green card.

Refugee or Asylum seeker:  Being granted asylum status in the United States is rare, and it is only in serious cases that it happens. People who have been declared as asylum seekers or refugees for a year can also apply for the United States green card of which they will surely be given.

Human trafficking victim: Human trafficking is a crime that the United States government frowns because it is a crime that damages the emotional feelings of the victim. Victims of human trafficking in the United States can apply for the green card after the crime has been confirmed by a court of law. Human trafficking victims will be given a green card, and the human trafficker will be dealt with according to the law.

Through Registry: The United States green card can be acquired if you have lived in the country for some speculated time.  A very popular example is if you have been living in the United States before the 1st of January 1972, you will be eligible for the green card. Also, if you have lived for a minimum of 5 years without any criminal records; you may be given.

Green Card through Honor: People that are popular for heroic deeds done in the past especially in favor of the United States and are respected for it all over the world can get the United States green card through honor. This type of green card can be gotten differently, has it cannot be applied for by anybody as it is honorary. It can only be given to the person willingly by the government of the United States. An honorary green card is different from honorary citizenship because honorary citizenship makes you a citizen of the United States permanently and gives you the right to everything a citizen is entitled to while honorary citizenship gives you just the right to be a permanent resident of the country.

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