Grocery Shopping Apps That are Huge Money Savers
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Grocery Shopping Apps That are Huge Money Savers

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Grocery shopping can be quiet expensive at times and people are always looking out for discounts or shopping points for reducing the money they spend on their groceries. There has been a major trend in shopping through mobile apps and now people can make use of the perks that these mobile apps have to offer to the users! The following 3 apps are popular for their money saving experience for their users. Find out how to develop similar shopping apps with A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai and offer the same perks to your target audience as well!


This app rewards the user in cash when they make a purchase at popular stores. All the user has to do is review the listed offers before they go on their grocery shopping trip and they can add items that they need to the list for ordering to get the rewards of cash back. People who like to plan before making their trips would love this app as they can keep a check on fresh offers and plan ahead. You can work on similar app ideas with the help of mobile app development Dubai.

All the user has to do is login to Ibotta and complete some simple task in order to add the offers to their shopping list. They can then buy the products selected at a store that is participating in the app and then upload a snapshot of their receipt of their shopping to the app. This will gain them partial refund credit into the account within a span of 24 hours. There are also cash rewards offered for users when they link to a tore loyalty card to their Ibotta account or when they make mobile purchase through the app. 


This is known to be a fun to use grocery shopping app in which users can participate from both sides. They can either sign up in order to receive the groceries on their doorstep or sign up to be a shopper and earn money for delivering groceries to other users. You can look into developing a similar app with A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai. There are many features offered in this app such as Instacart Express and the Instacart shoppers can earn up to $10 to $15 per hour for delivering groceries. 

Amazon Fresh 

This is known to be a subscription based grocery shopping application which offers many different deals on meat and fresh produce which can be delivered to user’s doorstep. The availability might still be limited to a few selected areas however the app serves a lot of advantages to the users who try it as it can save them from grocery trips especially during the pandemic where social interaction would be risky. Find out how to develop apps that will be a great success during the ongoing pandemic with A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai.

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