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Have a Better Time Out Shooting With a Hunting Fanny Pack

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If you’re like me, then there’s nothing quite like getting out in the wilderness and getting some shooting in. I seem to spend most of my working week wishing that it would end so I can get my gear together and get out there again. Sadly, I can’t go as often as I would like, but what I can say is that when I do go, I won’t go without my hunting fanny pack.

Why? I thought you’d never ask!

Since I bought mine – which incidentally is made by Little Bear – I’ve found it so useful for a wide range of reasons, so whether I’m off out scouting, off out to my regular stand or going for a spot of stealth shooting, I always make sure I’ve got it packed, because without it, I always feel like there’s something missing. 

What Makes Me Love My Hunting Fanny Pack

The main thing I love about my fanny pack is that it has four pockets of various sizes, meaning that I’m never short on storage space, so I don’t have trouble storing my pens, notebook, ammo and all the other gear that I need. It’s also got a shoulder harness that can be detached, so when I’m travelling light and I don’t think I’ll need it – I get to leave it behind at home. 

Other reason I wouldn’t be with mine include:

  • A padded waist belt that makes it super comfortable. In fact, I sometimes even forget I’m wearing it. 
  • It’s got camo Realtree Xtra HD fabric so I’m always able to stay clear of being seen by the animals I’m tracking
  • Its modular design means that I have no problems finding places for my camera and binoculars, so I don’t have to leave either behind

It’s something I use every time I go out and I see my hunting fanny pack as important to my kit as my rifle, so I now wouldn’t feel right when I leave home without it.

It Doesn’t Take Much to Scare Prey Away

Anyone who goes hunting regularly will understand what I mean when I say it’s frustrating when you scare prey away needlessly. Sure, we can all step on and snap a twig or two, but that’s nothing when compared to the annoyance that comes with the noise created when dropping your gear. That’s something that is totally avoidable, so it’s an unforgivable error for any hunter. 

Not having enough space for everything and taking all your gear anyway is quite common and a hunting fanny pack makes carrying it all really easy. Of course, I’ve done it too, but since I made the small investment needed, I find my trips out shooting much more enjoyable. 

Get One Yourself & You’ll Know Exactly What I Mean

Like any type of product online, you’ll find a wide range available from many different manufacturers and retailers. Whilst I can’t speak for most of the brands on the market, I can tell you what I know about the Little Bear fanny pack I bought from Fin Fur Feather – it’s awesome. 

That’s because it’s:

  • Compact
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Stylish
  • Able to house everything I need


I’m no salesman, but these are pretty nifty features and as someone who couldn’t see much point in investing in anything other than my gun beforehand, I can tell you that I have definitely had my mind changed. What you do and where you buy yours is your prerogative, but the different it will make to your hunting trips is huge, so it’s definitely money well spent. 


That’s it from me. I appreciate you reading right to the end. I hope that I’ve conveyed just how useful fanny packs for hunting are – no matter where or how you do yours. 

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