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Heel pain is one of the leading foot concerns. This condition occurs when the plantar fascia band of tissues thickens and becomes damaged. Notably, the heel pain develops gradually and worsens with time. Most individuals with the affected heel experience intense pain in their ankles first thing in the morning. Worse, walking while having this condition becomes difficult, lowering the victim’s productivity. Therefore, you should do whatever it takes to maintain your heel health. Below are healthy tips that Carmel ny podiatric foot and ankle surgeon recommends to prevent heel pain.


Stay Lean

Your feet joint plays a crucial role in bearing weight from upper body parts. However, you risk developing heel pain when your body weight exceeds the healthy range. Essentially, the excessive weight puts additional pressure on the ball of your foot. Over time, the excessive strain can cause inflammation which triggers heel pain. Therefore, you should eat a nutritious diet to keep your weight healthy.

Wear Right Shoes

Your footwear choices say a lot when it comes to your foot health. Wearing ill-fitting shoes usually puts unnecessary strain on the heel, increasing the chances of inflammation. Instead, you should wear comfortable shoes that give your feet ample room. Also, you should invest in footwear that supports your arch to maintain the correct posture while standing or walking. If you participate in sporting activities, talk with your coach about the right footwear for your sports. 

Get Moving

Physical activities are pivotal in maintaining the feet’ health. Exercises help to strengthen the muscles and tendons in feet limber, reducing the chances of plantar fasciitis. Regular exercises will also help to increase the foot joints’ range of movements. Develop an exercise plan including moderate exercises such as walking. When training, starting with a warm-up is necessary to avoid sudden strain on your ligaments and tendons.

Train on Soft Terrain

Another measure to keep the heel pain at bay is exercising on soft surfaces. Running on rocky grounds usually increases the chances of ankle twists. Also, the uneven terrain causes a greater impact force on your feet, heightening inflammation on the fascia and heel. Therefore, it would be best if you chose the groomed paths in the park while running. This way, you lower the likelihood of landing wrong and straining your ligaments.

Listen to Your Body

Sometimes your obsession with your favorite sport can worsen your heel pain. For example, you could have the motivation to continue playing even when you are hurt. However, this is a bad idea and can make you sideline from your sport for a long time. No matter how mild the pain, it signals something amiss in your body. Therefore, inform your coach whenever you notice discomfort in your lower extremities while training.

Heel pain is the last thing you may want to have. This condition feels intense, especially during the morning. An increase in the severity of the heel discomfort can hinder your performance in your daily activities. The good news is that the above tips can help you lower the chances of this condition. For example, you should eat nutritious meals to maintain a healthy weight. Wearing comfortable shoes will also help avoid strain on your heels. Further, training on even terrain is essential to avoid twisting your ankles.

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