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There are so many types of Double Din Stereo system available in the market. The touch screen has become now a priority for the stereo system because it is easy to access. If you are searching for a stereo system then you should see a few things in a system like its features, Bluetooth system, navigation, sound output, and other important things. If you are looking for a stereo system for your car then this article will help you to find a stereo system for you. This article talks about the best double din stereo system available in the market so you will get an idea about the stereo system for cars. Here are some of the best Double Din Stereo for Car

  • Boss audio system BVCP9675A – Boss is a well-known brand in speakers industry and this stereo system is very cool and it connects apple phones easily and it has no connectivity to android phones but you can connect this through Bluetooth. This device has inbuilt FM so you can listen to FM radio easily. This is best for Apple devices and you can choose this if you have an apple phone.
  • Sony XAV-AX 100 – This is one of the best stereo system available in the market and it supports up to 55-watt power speaker that is great. Sony is one of the best electronic brands in the world right now and you will get an amazing experience with this device. It has voice control system so you can control this by commanding. You can connect your mobile to it easily and it has Bluetooth connectivity also. It will produce great sound quality and it can support powerful speakers. It comes with great built quality and it has a good design so you can buy it for your car if you want a great sound quality system in your car.
  • Power Acoustik PDN double DIN – You can buy this product at a reasonable price and it will give you a great experience while using it. This device supports USB, CD, DVD, SD card, and Bluetooth. It has a 6.2-inch touch screen so you can easily access it. It has car GPS tracker so this amazing feature helps you while traveling. So if you are looking for a touch screen stereo system at a reasonable price then it is for you. You will get an amazing experience at a reasonable price.
  • Alpine ILX-107 – Alpine is one of the premium brands in the industry and this Din stereo is made of premium quality and it is an expensive one. This model has unique features and it comes with an Apple CarPlay so it connects your iPhone wireless. It has good design and great build quality. It has an inbuilt navigation system so you can see maps in this. It has 7-inch touchscreen display so you can easily access this and it supports up to 50 watts speaker x 4 channels and it comes with a built-in amplifier so this stereo system will give you an amazing sound. So if you are looking for a premium stereo for your car then you can buy this one.
  • Corehan Android Double Din Stereo If you are looking an android double din stereo then this one is for you. It comes with an android operating system and it has quad core 1.8 GHz CPU processor which is fast and it works on latest android 8 operating system. This device has 2 GB of RAM management and has 32 GB of ROM so you can store some stuff in this. This has unique desing and it looks like a tablet and it supports dongle, Wifi, and Wifi hot spots so you can easily connect this to internet. It also support mirror cast and you can connect your phone via USB. You can play 1080p HD video in this and it is compatible for reverse camera. It has feature of navigation so you can use this while traveling. This is amazing android double din stereo system in the market right now you can buy this, if you want an android based operating system in a double din stereo.
  • Jensen VX7020 Bluetooth 2 Din Head Unit – If you are looking for a value for money product then this is for you. You will get many features at reasonable price. This device has Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect your phone to this device and use hands free calling feature. You can play CD in this and you can also connect your phone via aux cable. This device comes with a built-in navigation so while traveling it will help you. It has android operating system so you will get an amazing experience.

As you can see in the above article that there are many stereo system available in the market and each has their own different features so you can choose according to your need.

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