High Intensity Boxing Workouts for Your Lifestyle

If you were ever having a conversation with someone and the word boxing came up, what would your first thought be? Would you instantly imagine two boxers standing in a ring, punching each other to unconsciousness? 

Well, you might not be completely wrong, but there’s actually so much more to boxing. Yes, in its most basic essence, boxing is the art of fighting with your fists. But it doesn’t necessarily have to mean pummeling your enemy to the ground. And quite frankly, it doesn’t.  

Boxing workouts are one of the most underrated exercises, if not the most. They’re simply incredible for you and your entire body in every way possible and need to be encouraged more for people, even if they’re simply looking to be fit.

Many people would find this surprising to believe, but there is actually more than only one kind of boxing gym. Yes, there are two, but it’s still more than one. The first would be what you have imagined. It gives boxing training for people to compete in an arena. The other is for all kinds of athletes and primarily exists for them to remain fit and in top shape. Read more about karen radio host fired

HIIT Workouts

While this activity may seem quite simple and easy from far away, boxing is actually considered pretty high intensity in its nature. Because of this, your body continues to burn calories throughout the day, even when you’re not working out. To understand how that works, we need to get familiar with the term HIIT. 

HIIT means high intensity interval training, and for the past 4 years, it continues to appear in the top ranks for boxing fitness class trends. Why do fitness professionals rank it so high and have consistently done so for years now? Let’s talk about how it works.

As the name would suggest, the idea of high-intensity interval training is to perform an intense exercise in alternating short time intervals. The recovery periods in between are obviously less intense, and you continue doing this until you only can’t anymore. While the exercise’s intensity depends on how long the session is, the workouts usually last under 30 minutes. 

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Our bodies essentially work on oxygen. HIIT workouts make the body use this oxygen in one interval then shift to another where your body, rather than the oxygen uses its stored energy. These intervals are known as aerobic mode and the anaerobic mode,respectively.  

This is why even if you’re not at the gym currently executing your boxing routine; calories continue to be removed by your body. The HIIT workout leaves your body with increased resting metabolism, helping with weight loss and muscle strength throughout the day. 

In this way, boxing much more stamina taking in actuality also has the ability to burn more than 500 calories per workout. So it does not only prove to healthily burn off all excess fat, but it also strengthens your entire body while at it. 

Boxing exercises, unlike other typical workouts, target your entire body. That being true, it not only focuses and works on multiple body parts but also provides benefits to your mental health.  

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One can discuss multiple benefits when taking into consideration all of the positivity that this workout brings toyour life. But all in all, it is a plus point to your entire lifestyle as it boosts and enhances every single aspect of your brain and body. 

So if you have been considering adding boxing to your lifestyle, you would be doing both your mind and physical health a huge favor. Conclusively, a win-win situation for yourself. 




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