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Hoverboard backpacks

If you want to carry your hoverboard to a party or travelling location, then buying a hoverboard carrying bag is a good idea. Hoverboard carry bags are made in exact size and shape of a hoverboard to give you enough comfort when you will carry your hoverboard.

Numerous companies make hoverboard carry bags. Hence you can choose from a wide range of cheap or premium hoverboard backpacks. In this post, I will give you reviews about top 5 hoverboard backpacks that will help you to make the final choice of hoverboard carry bags.

Top 5 Hoverboard Carry Bags of 2020

FBSPORT Waterproof Hover Board Backpacks

FBSPORT Waterproof Hover Board Backpacks are manufactured according to the size of most 6.5 inches generic Hoverboards. In the newest version of this backpack, a special pocket has been added to keep your charger. Besides that, an adjustable shoulder strap has been added for comfortable carrying. The best part of FBSPORT Waterproof Hover Board carrying case is flexibility. You can also take with straps and suitcase-like handle or roll out in wheels.  The backpack is water-resistant as it is made with 1680D nylon.

Z ZTDM 1680D Oxford Hoverboard Carry bags

Z ZTDM 1680D Oxford Hoverboard backpack comes with Blue colour with the size of 22.9x 7.3x 7 (inch) i.e. a perfect match for 6.5″ inch two-wheel scooter. Currently, ZZTDM manufacturer is making backpacks for 8″ wheel also. The bag is durable as it’s made with nylon fabric. Z ZTDM 1680D Oxford has a user rating of 4.1 out 5. It would better if the manufacturer makes longer straps.

Michael Josh Waterproof Hover Board Backpack

The unique feature of this bag is that it has double zippers and adjustable shoulder straps. Double zippers provide of the backpack maximum access to store your hoverboard more easily.  Double adaptable Shoulder Straps free your hand and divide the load between the shoulders. The Hover Board Backpack is also waterproof as it is made with 1680D Oxford Fabric nylon material. A mesh pocket to store hoverboard charger is another feature that makes the backpack more usable.

Newtex HoverCover Hoverboard Backpack

Newtex Hoverboard carry bags come with Army Green colour with the feature of fire-resistant hoverboard case for safe charging and storage. The manufacturer makes Newtex with lined with Z-Block fire & smoke resistant fabric which is the same fabric used in cargo fire containment covers. The size of the backpack is 24″ long and 9″ in diameter which is perfect for hoverboards with up to wheel size of 8″.


GameXcel Hover Board Bag

GameXcel HoverBoard carrying case is suitable for 6.5″ 7″ and 8″ hoverboards. The bag is designed ergonomically that provide the least load to the shoulder. The cushions on the straps put less stress and pressure on shoulders. You can store chargers, keys, water bottle in the mesh pocket.  Double zippers provide of the backpack maximum access to store your hoverboard more easily.  GameXcel Hoverboard carry bags are fit for Segway T1, T3, T5 with wheel sizes up to 8 inches.

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