How benefits of dedicated servers are making them a first choice?

How benefits of dedicated servers are making them a first choice? Enterprises are always looking for the suitable solutions to operate their business smoothly. It has been more than a decade now that companies are using IT and computing technology. Shared hosting is a widely opted for the hosting of website, web applications or mail servers. In contrast to that those who are looking for more power and control will require a vendor offering private hosting services. Clients are free to choose dedicated hosting and rent a server form a service provider to use it exclusively to benefit their business. Vendors take full responsibility to provide CPU, RAM and disk space to clients according to their requirement. Besides providing hardware and software support, vendor oversees the maintenance of the whole setup and eliminates upfront cost of purchasing their own. What are dedicated servers? Dedicated data servers are classically configured computers, which are designed to execute technological requirements of the data storage, monitoring and link forwarding. Servers are installed with specific software to perform network management and web hosting. These servers are housed in the data centres and enhance overall business performance. More companies are opting for dedicated solutions to avail secure, reliable and flexible data storage with authority to install and configure relevant software and apps to improve performance. They are using these servers for a range of activities from the database, web hosting and application to game and file server. What are the two major types? From its operation, dedicated data storage can be subdivided into two types; managed and unmanaged. Unmanaged servers Unmanaged option only provides security and storage space and client himself is responsible for overseeing the maintenance, operations and management of services. Companies choosing the unmanaged option, often hire an IT expert for smooth operations and problem-solving. This can be the perfect choice for small setups due to its low cost, Managed servers A managed option is a complete service package, which includes providing a full range of services form storage space and maintenance to data management. As the service provider handles all the data and account, clients don’t need to worry about hiring a technical resource to fix technical problems which may happen anytime. Freedom to pay attention to core business activities has made it a popular choice of medium and large setups. How dedicated servers are becoming the first choice of businesses? If selected sensibly, both managed and unmanaged servers offer critical benefits for a business owner. Despite being an expensive business solution, company owners are taking deep interest to adopt dedicated solutions for maintaining a good online presence with minimum efforts. Here I am sharing few benefits of dedicated data storage to show why they have become the first choice for business owners. Unmatched data security Indestructible safety is the primary benefit of working with a dedicated hosting service. When a customer sees service provider is taking complete responsibility for installation and facility maintenance to make necessary security arrangements to protect client data; they prefer outsourcing over hiring in-house IT staff. 24/7 Technical Support 24/7 technical support is the next significant benefit, which is alluring entrepreneurs to choose a dedicated server. These service providers have highly trained staff to answer and fix problems in minimum possible duration. In addition to providing state of the art data storage and hosting services, they also give valuable advice to troubleshoot any issues in server settings and website. Administrative Rights Vendors offer users complete administration rights with root access to their data. Data owners are allowed to install software programs along with custom operations like monitoring of server usage. Close data observation allows, users, to identify possible issues before they occur. Maximum uptime As servers and power resources are not shared among multiple users, data remains unaffected and inaccessible to third parties. Website or online services will continue running without errors. Surplus and redundant power supply maximise the uptime of servers and drag more customers. Endnote: Renting data storage space on dedicated servers will enhance business performance and reduce the operational cost of setup.]]>

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