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How Can Medical Visa Lawyers Help You With Medical Visas In Australia_

Do you need to travel all the way to Australia for a medical consultation or treatment? If your reply is yes, then, you got to apply for the Medical Treatment Visa (Subclass 602). One of the top Migration lawyers in Perth can provide you the best assistance in this matter. It is basically a temporary visa which an eligible applicant can apply for. With this visa, you can arrive in Australia for a medical consultation or treatment or to donate an organ alternatively.

How medical visa lawyers in Perth can help?

To obtain the Medical Treatment Visa 602, you need to lodge an error-free application pertaining to it. This is where the importance of hiring one of the best immigration lawyers in Perth comes into play. Below are some effective ways, implementing which your lawyer will assist you in procuring your Medical Treatment Visa 602 successfully.

Assessment of the Visa Streams

There are in total three types of Medical Treatment Visas in Australia. These include the Visa Subclass 685, 675 and Medical Treatment Visa 602. After assessing your unique circumstances, your immigration lawyer will suggest you the most appropriate type of visa. Needless to say, your lawyer will conventionally ask you apply for the Medical Treatment Visa (Subclass 602). This is because it is considered as the only medical visa of Australia through which you can serve your potential medical purposes.

Consideration of your eligibility requirements

This is yet another crucial factor which your best immigration lawyers will take into consideration in relation to your medical treatment visa. After discussing your unique immigration circumstances, your lawyer will generally ask you to meet the following requirements.

  • Your minimum age should be 50 years or above
  • Make sure that you owe zero debts to the government of Australia
  • Your primary motive to turn up in Australia should be either for a medical consultation or treatment
  • As part of the application procedure, your lawyer will also ensure that you’ve met the pertinent character and health requirements
  • Alternatively, you can come to Australia to accompany an organ donor or patient. The person should either apply for this visa or should already be the holder of this particular visa. You need to prove this situation through substantial evidence in assistance of the top medical visa lawyer in Perth.
  • Through substantial proofs, you also need to prove that you are a genuine visitor

Your lawyer will also help you to prove that you possess sufficient funds. It is only after ascertaining this aspect when the Australian Immigration Department will approve your Medical Treatment Visa 602. Do you know why? This is to ensure that you will be able to meet all your medical costs while staying in the country.

Assistance with documents

After you meet the fundamental eligibility criteria, your lawyer will begin the actual application procedure from here. Subsequently, your lawyer will gather the following documents on your behalf which you need to submit imperatively.

  • Character documents which generally include substantial police certificate
  • The right type of financial documents which prove that you will able to support your entire medical treatment and stay in Australia.
  • Documents for applicants who are below the age of eighteen years
  • All the crucial documents pertaining to the medical treatment which you will undergo in Australia

Aside these documents, you also need to provide some other substantial documents. By submitting these documents, you will be able to prove your true identity accompanied by genuine pieces of information. Ask your lawyer if you need to provide some additional documents too unique to your pertinent circumstances.

Lodgement of Visa Application

Immigration lawyers in Perth have the right immigration knowledge about submitting the documents stated above on your behalf. Subsequently, your lawyer will apply for the Medical Treatment Visa (Subclass 602). Whether you are inside or outside Australia, you can still apply for this visa in assistance of a top-notch immigration lawyer in Perth. Remember, that each of the applicants will have to lodge a separate application of the Medical Treatment Visa 602. In case you are sharing a passport, a joint application might be approved by the Department of Home Affairs.

Subsequent procedure

Immigration laws are undoubtedly the most complex area of the Australian legal protocol. The Migration lawyers Perth will generally ask you to wait for some time after you have applied for your Medical Treatment Visa 602. The Department of Home Affairs will inform you about the reception of your Medical Visa 602’s application. The DoHA generally don’t provide updates on the status of the application within the conventional processing time. However, you can be in regular touch with your immigration lawyer in Perth in this matter. Your lawyer will tell you the expected time-frame by which the Australian Immigration Department will get in touch with you.

Compliance with additional requirements

There are some additional criteria as well which you need to meet after your application has been received by the Department of Home Affairs including:

  • Biometrics: These include your photo and fingerprints
  • Health Test: If you don’t undergo the health exam before applying, you need to undergo one after the application has been received by the Australian Immigration Department.
  • Add Members of Family: It might happen that a new baby is born to you who you need to add in your visa application.
  • Compliance with Law: If you apply onshore, you should be the holder of a valid visa, while your application is processed. In case your former visa has expired and you’ve applied for your Medical Visa after that, you will be given a substantial bridging visa.

Stay in constant touch with one of the top Visa lawyers Perth to enquire about the final verdict of your visa application. If your visa gets approved, the Department of Home Affairs will provide you with the validity period of your visa, the approval number, the commencement date of your visa and its potential conditions. So, what are you waiting for?  Hire one of the top immigration lawyers in Perth and ensure the most gratifying application of your Medical Treatment Visa 602.

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