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How do you take care of your sexual health and wellness? The vagina serves as the sexual organ for women, which enhances sexual pleasure. It has an elastic structure, enhancing it to stretch out during sexual intercourse and birth. Unfortunately, the vagina tissues may lose their laxity as years go by, especially due to vaginal childbirth and other menopause effects affecting your sexual wellness. Luckily, with vaginal revitalization in Santa Monica, you can improve and restore your sexual health. Call Modern Aesthetica today to learn more about vaginal revitalization.

What to know about vaginal revitalization?

It is a minimally invasive treatment to rejuvenate and renew the vagina cells and tissues to restore their normal state. Different factors cause the vagina to change in size and elasticity, including:

  •         Hormonal changes
  •         Vaginal childbirth
  •         Age
  •         Menopausal changes

Vaginal tissue changes cause women not to enjoy sexual intercourse, affecting their overall wellness.

Modern Aesthetica offers the O-Shot treatment to improve your vagina wellness. The O-Shot technique involves using platelet-rich plasma to enhance healing.

Besides controlling bleeding after a cut, platelets have growth factors and special properties that enhance cell regeneration and repair damaged tissues. Your provider administers the O-Shot injection with PRP into your vagina, where it promotes healing and production of new and healthier vaginal tissues.

The PRP also enhances blood circulation and improves collagen production, restoring vaginal tissue elasticity and strength.

Who should have vaginal revitalization?

Vaginal revitalization may benefit you if you have:

  •         Chronic vaginal pain
  •         Low libido
  •         Decreased ability to orgasm
  •         Urinary incontinence

The treatment also treats lichen sclerosis, which is the formation of patchy, thin white skin around your vagina. During your consultation, your provider at Modern Aesthetica evaluates your health and concerns to determine if you are fit for the treatment.

Why should you consider vaginal revitalization?

The O-Shot treatment for vaginal rejuvenation provides various benefits. Although there may be different results for everyone, most patients experience the following:

  •         Improved libido
  •         Increased lubrication
  •         Reduced vaginal pain
  •         Improved sexual arousal
  •         Enhanced orgasms
  •         Improved sexual health and wellness

In addition, vaginal revitalization also reduces urinary incontinence.

What happens during vaginal revitalization?

The treatment occurs in an office setting at Modern Aesthetica. Your provider begins the procedure by applying a numbing cream to your vaginal tissue. It helps enhance comfort during the treatment.

Then Dr. Moghadam at Modern Aesthetica draws a blood sample from your arm to source the platelet-rich plasma. He makes your PRP in the form of an injection, where he injects it into your vagina through the clitoris. The O-Shot technique has no downtime; however, your provider will guide you on when you can have intercourse again.

You can expect to see improvements a short while after the treatment.

The bottom line

Vaginal revitalization enhances vaginal laxity, tightens the vulvar tissues, and promotes vaginal lubrication. It enhances the formation of new vaginal cells and promotes blood circulation. Hence enhances sexual wellness through increased libido and arousal.

Contact a vaginal revitalization specialist today

Sexual wellness is essential in human life. It offers various health benefits, including improved sleep, strengthened immune system, reduced risk of health issues, burning calories, and more.

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