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McAfee antivirus has a great name in the world of antivirus programs. A large number of antivirus users suggest McAfee for securing their device and data. provide genuine McAfee product which lets you access all features of McAfee antivirus. But at the same time, many McAfee users reported various types of error which they face while using McAfee antivirus.


What are the Symptoms of Error 1705?

  • You will get “Windows XP Error 1075” on your screen
  • Your currently running program will stop and “Error 1705 will be displayed
  • You will get the same error while running the same program
  • Your Windows will become dull and your mouse will take time for responding
  • You will get multiple freezes of a few seconds from time to time
  • You can get error 1705 while installing the Windows Operating System or while you are using Microsoft related programs.


What are the main causes of McAfee error 1075?

  • Due to corrupt and incomplete installation of Windows
  • Your Windows registries got corrupted due to recent changes
  • When malware infected your Windows related files
  • When you deleted Windows related files mistakenly


Here are the possible solutions for fixing McAfee error 1075:

  • Try cleaning out all the junk files

Due to lots of web surfing, your device accumulates lots of junk files. If you didn’t remove the junk periodically; it will slow down your Operating System which may cause McAfee error 1075. Error 1075 can occur due to extra load in your hard drive. Cleaning all junk files such as temporary files and folders can fix this error. You can use your Disk Cleaner tool fox cleaning all the junk files from your system. Here are the steps for running Disk Cleanup in your system:

  1. Go to the Start menu
  2. Tap the search bar and type command. Don’t press the Enter button
  • Press Ctrl and shift key simultaneously and now press the Enter button
  1. A permission dialog box will appear on the screen
  2. Tap on Yes button
  3. A command prompt will appear
  • Enter cleanmgr and press the Enter button
  • Now the Disk Cleaner tool will check how much disk space can be cleaned out
  1. You will get a list of a checkbox on your screen
  2. Check the boxes you want to clean from your system
  3. Hit the OK button
  • Now restart your device
  • Check that error 1075 is resolved or not


  • Provide a complete scan to your device

Sometimes you can also get error 1075 due to malware infection. Powerful malware can damage and corrupt your files. This malware can also delete error related files. So, you should scan your device completely. A good scan may fix your 1075 error.

You can also try updating the device drivers and restoring the recent system changes. If you are still getting the same error you can try uninstalling or reinstalling the Windows programs which are associated with Error 1075. The methods provided above will fix your McAfee related errors as well as will speed up your device.


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