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Big Data Training


Before we discuss in detail regarding the Big Data Scientist training, let us talk about what is a Data Science and Big Data? Are both the terms similar or different and is it important to find out regarding them? So the answer to it is “YES”. Well, there are no universally agreed on definitions of both these terms.

These both are extremely important concepts and fields which are critically increasing. The data has never been stored or collected at a faster pace as it is done today. In addition, the volume and variety of data are growing at an alarming rate.

What is Data Science?

The general definition of Data Science is that it encompasses all the ways in which the knowledge and information is extracted from the data. Data Science is a very complex field due to diversity and the number of technologies and academic disciplines it draws upon.

Data science has huge applications to many fields which include medicine, health care, engineering, defense, security, business, economics, finance, geo-location, biological sciences and many more.

What is Big Data?

Big Data is an application of data science in which the sets of data are in huge numbers and requires overcoming the logistical challenges to deal with them. The main and important concern of Big Data is to efficiently capture, store, extract, process and analyze the information from these huge number of data sets.

It is applied to large data sets in order to perform general data analysis and find the trends or create predictive models.

There are various database technologies and software which are required for data science and big data handling. These databases and software are designed with the ACID principles which mean Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability.

Big Data Training in Delhi

In order to become a data scientist or a big data professional, you need to undergo a training course. This course covers the data science and machine learning workflows using Apache Spark 2 and other key components of the Big Data Ecosystem.

This also emphasizes the use of machine learning methods and data science to address real-world business challenges.

Training is for whom?

This training is designed for the data scientists who currently use Python or R to work with small datasets on a single machine. Those who need to scale up their machine learning models and analysis to large datasets on distributed clusters can also opt for this course.

Data engineers and developers with some knowledge of machine learning and data science course in bangalore may also find this training program useful.

Features of Big Data Training program

The training program includes interactive demonstrations, brief lectures, hands-on exercises and discussions covering topics which include:

 – Overview of data science and machine learning.

 – Working with HDFS data and Hive tables.

 – Reading and writing of data

 – Overview of Apache Spark 2

 – Inspection of data quality

 – Transforming and cleansing of data

 – Grouping and summarizing of data

 – Exploring of data

 – Overview of Machine learning in spark MLib

 – Building and evaluation of regression models and many more

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