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This anonymous blog has been created to outline how does debate helps critical thinking? Many of us grow up with different ideologies and keep on nourishing them with similar thoughts, opinions, and perceptions. We always try to defend our ideology and cease to accept the criticism if anything is against it or even attempt to differ.

Growing with these set notions, people succumb to a particular mind set which really gets difficult to change or alter. Man is a complex being and is crafted with layers of complexity. The inner soul of a man is the true aspect of one’s real version. Rest all what he attempts to showcase to the outer world is pure gimmick. It depends upon the situation and circumstances as to what extent a person reveals his true side. Else, the cosmetic version of a man is always prepared to face the world.

Debates Have Been a Part of Life

critical thinking
critical thinking

Since ages, people have been discussing each other and debating controversies that make them revel and enjoy this concept of communication. Communication as said, always refers to the two sides of speaking and listening. If you do not listen and tend to only speak, then you can never indulge in ‘actual conversation’.

A monologue is archaic which reflects autonomy and dictatorship. It’s only a dialogue that results into a healthy conversation and open the minds to understand different opinions from a holistic view. Thus it is rightly said that debate always helps in critical thinking. If you are interested to put your thoughts in front of people, who can actually understand your viewpoints without being judgmental or an easy critique then you can set up an anonymous blog. It will help you publish your views, without any stress of audience intervention.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking refers to comprehend any issue at hand from a varied perspective. For instance if you want to discuss the effects of corona pandemic on the health industry, then thinking only from the view of pharmacy companies will be surely biased. Unless you discuss the issues with a perspective of patients, paramedical staff, medical fraternity, pathologies, hospitals, medical insurance companies, your discussion shall not be considered composite. Thus healthy debatesand discussions without being biased and prejudiced shall always lead to critical thinking.

You can even create your anonymous blog to write articles, publish stories and allow people to comment, write their thoughts so that you will also get a fair idea of what people think and how they react to your mindset.

Creating Anonymous Blogs

If you are thinking how to create a successful anonymous blog, then inviting people to debate is the best strategy. The reason is obvious. When people feel free to express their opinion without fear of being lampooned in public or being made a victim of social discrimination, they shall comment or react naturally.

This shall let you achieve the best anonymous blog site, where people can be true to themselves, true to the outer world. No deceptions, no layers of complexity, just the actual truth, actual thoughts, meaningful debates that leads to healthy and critical thinking.

People who shy away from participating in debates are passive by nature. They feel what they think is right and do not attempt to make themselves heard or go all the way to prove themselves right. They feel what they think is correct from their view point and do not need the endorsement of their counterparts. But they do not know that debates lead to critical thinking and participating in healthy discussions is always fruitful. Such passive people however are always interested in starting their anonymous blog, where they feel they can mention anything or express any views that shall not be subject to outright criticism.

Both sides of the View

Debate always has two aspects. One is in favor of the topic and the other is against the motion. As the two sides of a coin can never meet in solace yet co-exist similarly the two aspects of for and against in a debate can never agree to each other. It’s just how strong the comments and views are of one aspect that decides the winner of the debate. Meaningful conclusion can be derived only if both the debaters listen to each other. If they do not take interest in the arguments of the worthy opponents then there is no point conducting a debate. Thus debate always lead to critical thinking, which paves way to lot of innovative and novel solutions. A “Yes Man” attitude can only by a sycophants pleasure who wants to be in good books of everyone.

How to start an anonymous blog is what people interested to know more about. It gives them freedom of expression. Liberty to be true to themselves, express what they think is right, criticize what they think is wrong, invite people to react and comment on their opinions freely and be just true to the outside world.


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