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Working in the travel and tourism industry is a very demanding job. It is not all about vacations as per the popular belief. The industry is a highly competitive field of work with ever changing dynamics. While earning a bachelor’s degree used to be enough to establish a career, the scenario has changed drastically over the past decade. In an ambitious job market, it is always valuable to differentiate yourself as a valuable employee. A well-regarded study program that provides better in-depth working knowledge of the industry is highly beneficial to stabilize such a position. Post graduate programs help you set yourself apart from the rest of the workforce and help you thrive in your career. A postgraduate program not only advances your skills but also provesthat you are ready for more responsibilities in job.

Some of the benefits of pursuing a PG in Travel and Tourism are:

Boost your Curriculum Vitae: A postgraduate program furthers your knowledge about your chosen field of study and provides you with new skills. It appeals to HR representatives and they prefer your CV over other candidates.

Specialized knowledge: Every post graduate program is designed to providea student with advanceknowledge about various or some specific subjects. These skill sets and knowledge base help them enhance their industry expertise and credibility.Focussing on one particular field helps you be more competitive and capable in your work.

Career progress: With new skill sets and better knowledge about the working of the industry, it will become easier for you to transition into more senior positions. Employers tend to entrust greater responsibilities to PG-qualified applicants.

Better Earning potential: In-depth knowledge and better positions lead to a significant increase in your earning potential. Gaining a master’s degree can give your pay check a boost by increasing your monetary value for the company you are working for.

Change of career: Sometimes, we find ourselves stuck at a position that is not meant for us. PG is solution for such problem. Travel and tourism is a broad field of study. A post graduate program that specialises in the filed that interest you can help you make a transition smoothly. For example, you have been working as a tour operator for some time and want to join managerial position then you need to find a suitable post-graduate program that offers managerial knowledge about travel and tourism industry and make the transition.


In India, the travel and tourism industry is multi-billion industries and a large number of institutes, colleges and universities are offering various types of PG in Travel and Tourism programs. Some of the leading PG courses offered in India are:

  • Master of Tourism and Travel Management by NSHM Knowledge Campus, Durgapur
  • MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management by Chandigarh University
  • PG Diploma in Travel,Tourism & Hospitality Management with IATA Certification, by The School of Excellence, Andheri, Mumbai
  • Frankfinn Post Graduate Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality, Travel and Customer Service by Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Kothrud, Pune
  • Master of Tourism and Travel Management by Amity University, Jaipur

Aspirants can choose from these courses and institutes the programs that suit their needs and enhance their career prospects.

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