Fri. Dec 1st, 2023
How Janitorial Cleaning Companies Trains Their Staff COVID

Janitorial services in New York City have trained their janitorial staff to undertake cleaning in an amazingly professional manner. It is fairly easy to train even though the training is quite extensive for janitorial cleaning services. However, now that vaccines are available for coronavirus, the Covid cleaning checklist for each of your spaces, including restaurants, offices, medical facilities, and public spaces such as schools and shopping malls, needs to be altered for the efficient functioning of these spaces.

According to the center for disease control and prevention and the world health organization, there are specific guidance and cleaning protocols mandated for all spaces that curry heavy traffic. Under the environmental protection agency, there has been a list of disinfectants available for cleaning That could kill the corona-like virus. 

Following these changes, janitorial services in New York City have updated janitorial staff training to account for how the virus may spread and how to combat this issue. 

Not only is introducing a specialized janitorial service training for general housekeeping in New York City a great way to keep one away from any contaminants and viruses circulating through the world, but it works amazingly for your budget. 

How does it help with the budget?

Great question! Using good quality Cleaning products and employing studio cleaning services in New York city are overtly qualified to undertake their janitorial services. The average full-time employee that misses a little under two days of work each month can now work without any issues as the chances of them falling sick is far lesser than usual. This also means that you may not have to pay someone else to work overtime in order to cover the workload required due to full-time employees being injured or contracting an illness.

Here’s how you can update your janitorial services in New York City and train up your team to keep customers healthy and happy:

  • Look up guidance and regulations according to the state and national government – the very first thing to do when you try to update your training program is by looking up the mandates regarding cleaning put up by the state or your national government. Doing so could result in you not compromising with the safety standards reinstated by the state or national government. It will have recommendations considering air ventilation, PPE kits, and the use of safe work practices. For example – some states say that one must avoid dry sweeping and altogether discontinue the use of high-pressure cleaning. They also restrict access to contaminated areas. 
  • The CDC also emphasizes that for vacuum cleaning purposes, one should use a high-efficiency particulate air filter instead of any material or vacuum system that is comparatively cheaper or comes without a particulate air filter. 
  • Some rules, such as not using a vacuum in any room when other people are in it, is another such rule mandated by the CDC.
  • Additionally, it is mentioned that one should turn off in-room heating or air-conditioning while vacuuming the space in order to avoid any contamination of the HVAC units. 

Some other training points that need to be emphasized are: 

  • To use disinfectants and cleaning products as directed and instructed on the packaging rather than any which way. Sticking to the right proportion of cleaning agents to water is important to tackle the spread of many illnesses and ailments.
  • Remembering and focusing on recommended contact time is equally important when it comes to cleaning. Janitorial cleaning services now state that it’s not only just important to spray and wipe but leave the disinfectant for a particular period of time before coming in contact with them again while cleaning. Some may only require a contract period of one minute or less In order to work efficiently. However, some products may require active ingredients to be left for up to 10 minutes before contact time. All of this information or written at the back of the disinfectant or cleaning agent used. On repeated usage of these cleaning agents, the instructions may get wiped off. However, it is important for janitorial services in New York City to train their staff to recall this information without having to read through the instructions each time.
  • Pre-and post-cleaning janitorial staff needs to wash their hands with soap and use warm water for a period of at least 20 seconds before washing it off. They must make sure between then and now not to touch their faces while cleaning. They also need to remember to maintain a safe distance of 6 feet or more Away from those situated in the cleaning space in order to avoid any transfer of virus, et cetera. 
  • It is equally important to cover the mouth and nose using a face mask and cover up any cuts or scratches using a Band-Aid before beginning cleaning.

These are some of the few ways a janitorial cleaning company trains its staff to undertake janitorial services in NYC. Hiring a company that efficiently trains its janitorial cleaning services according to the latest mandate is essential for your employee’s safety. Make sure to hire only those who have these high professional standards of safety and training instilled in their staff.

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