Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Gender biases have become one of the most burning questions in the current world and with men becoming the biggest victims on the same in the wake of some of the recent Incidents, future seems like holding the same destiny for almost all of them. If we look around the current scenario, there have been instances when the whole society came up to support the women in the wake of all the sexual harassment incidents and the same society then chose to ignore the same turn of events when men have been the victims. Undoubtedly, it has become important for every person in working sector to get Sexual Harassment Prevention Training regardless what gender they belong to.
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Quite recently, one of the executives from an Indian IT company has committed suicide over the allegations of sexual harassment by two of his colleagues in the office. The investigation was initiated and it was been later found that all the claims which were been made against him were without any ground proof. This was just a single case and while the same kind of incidents often went unreported in the past few years, we can only say that Gender biases has proved destructive for the lives and career of most of the men around.

Although it doesn’t mean that all the women have been making these false claims against their male counterparts, there is something called “Logical reasoning “which must be put in place in the whole process? Men along with women have gone through the heat of Sexual abuse and society must treat both the subject with equal consideration whilst bringing out a genuine conclusion in the same regards. Javed Jaffrey, renowned Indian Bollywood actor also supported the same fact whilst saying,” Sexual abuse and assault must be dealt with full strictness under the law and all the culprits must be shown no mercy in the whole process. While that’s been said, society must look towards these incidents without getting biased towards a particular gender”. Avinash Pandey, CEO of ABP News Network India, also put his perspective forward in the same regards whilst stating,” Any complaint to the ICC (Internal Complaints Committee) if upheld, the organization should deal with the concerned offender very strictly and make an example out of him and simultaneously protect the dignity and the job prospect of the aggrieved female / male employee”.

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