How Military Diet Helps to Loose Fat

How Military Diet Helps Loose Fat Are you in search of How Military Diet Helps Loose Fat then you are in right place Excess weight is one of the biggest problems today and so people are trying for a different diet plan that can help to lose weight. Many people have to find Military diet as one of the best options as it can give quick result. Military diet can help to shed off extra pounds just within 3 days. Yes, it is true that one can nearly lose 10 pounds just in a week with a 3-day military diet where rest days are off. The same cycle is repeated until once does not reaches the required goal. A nutritionist for US military designed this diet plan so that soldiers are fit and healthy. How does military Diet work? Military diet is a complete week cycle where 3 days’ strict diet is to be followed while on rest 4 days one is exempted from a diet. Diet plan is being designed by a special nutritionist who makes sure that required nutrients are been supplied so that there is no weakness. It is one of the easiest ways to lose a good amount of weight in short time span. Meal plan for military diet Military diet is a 3-day plan which is as follows. Day 1

  • Breakfast can have,1 slice of bread, that can be combined with just 1 tablespoon of nut butter and black coffee. One can also have half grapefruit in breakfast.
  • Slice of toast with a half cup of tuna is best for lunch. One can also include a cup of coffee or tea but it is optional.
  • Small apple along with half banana is best for dinner. It can also have a vanilla ice cream cup along with 3-oz meat with a cup of beans.
In all, total calories must not exceed 1400. Day 2
  • The day starts with a slice of toast accompanied with hardboiled egg, a cup of coffee or tea and lastly half banana.
  • Lunch compromises of boiled egg, a cup of cottage cheese and saltine crackers but it should not exceed 5. One who is addicted to coffee or tea can also have a cup of it.
  • The day ends with two hot dogs but make sure bun is not allowed. A half cup of carrot and broccoli with half banana. For dessert, half cup vanilla ice- cream is included.
Summation of calories must be just 1200 for weight loss. Day 3 Total intake must be around 1100 calories only.
  • So, according to it, breakfast must consist of 5 saltine crackers, with a small apple,1-ounce cheddar cheese slice and a cup of coffee of tea.
  • An egg is allowed in any form for lunch accompanied by a slice of toast and a cup of coffee or tea.
  • Dinner can include 1 cup of tuna, half banana and finally a half vanilla ice cream cup.
  • One can have any number of coffee or tea throughout the day but make sure it does not have cream or sugar as it can add up extra calories.
One can have any type of food for rest 4 days but make sure that calories intake per day does not exceed 1500. Thus following such military diet plan can help to get the perfect figure]]>

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