Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Undoubtedly, the rapid outbreak of coronavirus is affecting businesses across the globe and, notably, every HR task. Due to the speed at which COVID-19 is spreading, it has been declared a global pandemic now. As a result, every company is forced to function remotely today. Needless to say, work from home is not as easy as it seems.  Both employers and HR managers face a number of challenges on a regular basis. One of which is payroll processing! Hopefully, we have certain technological advances to focus on and solve such issues. Yes, we are talking about HR software here. Such software provides numerous of benefits to the users, no matter where they are. HR professionals can efficiently manage and process payroll more than ever before. 

Here are the top benefits companies can acquire by switching to online payroll software during this difficult time:

Less Cost 

For companies who consider cost-efficient ways, searching “online payroll software India” is the best they can do for their HRs right now. Most importantly, employers will only have to pay for what they use. Let’s face it, nobody wants to spend a big amount right at the start. Hence, payroll and HR software are the cheapest way to streamline payroll and manage it accurately.


Payroll management is usually considered one of the time-consuming and tedious HR tasks. But online payroll software makes the whole process super easy. Vital information including attendance data, payroll information, salary structure, etc., are automated in such software, allowing HR professionals to manage payroll with zero errors. It may sound a bit futuristic but HRs can even process payroll directly to every employee’s account with just a few clicks. 


Handling & tracking salary accounts become effortless with the right payroll and HR software. It allows HRs to save a large chunk of time that can be invested in other productive areas, both personally and professionally. 

From extracting reports in one click to quickly integrating with other applications and systems, it fulfils every requirement at a fraction of time. 

Cloud-based payroll software factor in automatic entry features that prevent mistakes and double entries in the accounting system. 

Cut Down Error 

A payroll error can cost a large amount! Now, talking about manual payroll calculations, it includes deducting taxes & adding bonuses, incentives, etc. As we know, humans are prone to making mistakes, and most importantly, with outdated tools, payroll mistakes are inevitable. This is when online payroll software comes into play. It not just eliminates the possibilities of computing errors but also provides accurate reports and data. 

Stay Complaint 

Recent amendments in tax slab rates and EPF are yet another big challenge to calculate precise payrolls. However, this hardship can be easily solved by the right cloud-based HR software. It takes the burden off HR managers’ shoulders by processing the payroll on its own. 

For people who struggled with payroll management, we hope now you know what is to be done and how. Just search “online payroll software India” and pick one that goes well with your company’s requirements. 


By Neelima Bansal

Neelima Bansal is an experienced tech enthusiast, digital marketer, and blogger who is well known for his ability to predict market trends. Check out her blog at StoryBuzz. She also love to contributes her another tech new blog GuglY Tech

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