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You have a great business idea, and after much research, hard work, and long hours, you finally create a product you are proud of and can’t wait for the world to see. Here, your part of the job is done. Now it’s up to the advertising agency and consultancy you have hired to produce a plan for you that builds up your business value and extends the product’s market reach. An advertising agency is a team of experts who, through years of experience and knowledge, help you reach your target customers through creative content.

Advertising agencies’ role is to research the product and collect all of the information needed to create product advertisements. Once the content is produced, the next step is to plan the when, where, and how. How should the product be seen by the customers, on which media platforms, and when should it be seen? When the product has been introduced, agencies must record the reaction and collect the feedback of the clients and customers. Their collective objective and mission are to make people want your product and their function is to produce a tailor-made advertising campaign for you. how to be a content creator

PH Consulting and Media

There are many marketing and advertising agencies out there, and all of them provide you with content, planning, and analysis, but if you want to show the world that your product is the best in the market, you must hire an agency that is no less. What makes an advertisement agency stand out from the crowd? Their ability to tell your story. At PH Consulting and Media, they believe in the power of storytelling.

PH Consulting and Media is the leading media agency in the US founded by Phillip Hammond. As a young boy, Phill was fascinated by Disney movies and their ability to make people happy. His passion for content creation started there, and eventually, he pursued filmmaking as a career. He found the job of organizing production teams, scouting shooting locations, and managing talent exhilarating. He fell in love with what he does and decided to create his advertisement agency in New York in 2012. It is an advertising agency and consultancy located in New York City and Garden City, Long Island, that provides professional video advertising services and helps small businesses create a big advertising footprint worldwide. The company is powered by a team of long-tenure creatives who are experts in their craft.

Consultancy services include organizing surveys, focus groups, and consumer product testing to identify growth opportunities, gain customer insights and avoid costly missteps. They create a marketing plan for your product through creative positioning, brand guidelines, marketing tactics, campaign titles, and timelines targeted to goals. This way, they enable you to spread awareness and increase sales.

When it comes to video production, they are the best in the business. PH Consulting and Media create full concept-to-completion commercials for broadcast, cable, streaming, networks, and social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. They also cover popular places such as Times Square and other entertainment areas for advertisement display, gaining attention from millions of people. The agency creates content based on your story in ways that make an impact and resonate with the views.

Experts at PH Consulting and Media are firm believers in excellence, innovation, and teamwork. Their expertise and promotional content can help you maximize investment returns and create value. To learn more, visit their website,

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