How Running Improves Your Heart Health

Performing physical activity is a good step towards improving your heart health. It strengthens your heart muscle, and keeps your weight under control, regulates your cholesterol level, maintains the blood sugar & blood pressure prevents the risk of a heart attack. Undoubtedly running plays, a great role in getting you in shape and improves your overall health. It’s of no surprise that running buys a lot of benefits to your bodies & brains. Experts claim that running is a miracle drug for your body. It improves your aerobic fitness; running is a great way of improving your cardiovascular health. Plus, the enormous number of calories it burns builds up strength and besides psychological benefits.

Running and Heart Health

Running is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your health. It is often referred to as a daunting activity by gym enthusiasts, but it is an essential part of the complete exercise program. A study revealed that Regular runners tend to have slow pulse rates with high oxygen consumption. The benefits of running for improving your cardiovascular health are uncountable. Aerobic activities like running are an effective way of elevating your heart rate. Your body muscles and tissues get stronger when you engage them in physical exercise. When you push yourself, little muscular tears are made in your muscles which plays a role in recovering them and you help them in growing more stronger than they were before. The human heart is also a muscle, this rule applies to it too. Like the rest of the muscles, it needs recovery time too. Running is a moderate activity that boosts this process. 

   1) Running regulates cholesterol levels. 

After getting into your running outfit, doing it for 30 mins a few times a week helps in reducing bad cholesterol & increases good cholesterol. It also regulates your blood pressure. It has a direct effect on your well-being. Running is an effective way of lowering your blood pressure.

   2) Improves Circulation 

Running is an Aerobic workout that improves your blood circulation resulting in a lowered heart rate. While increasing your aerobic fitness. It boosts your cardiac output and improves how your heart pumps blood. Running also lowers the risk of getting type 2 diabetes & in case if you are already a diabetic patient running will control the blood glucose. Ideally, you should run for at least half an hour a day, 5 days per week.

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  3) Running helps your body to maintain a healthy weight

An extra amount of fat poses a lot of health risks. Obese and overweight people have a higher risk of developing any kind of heart disease. Running works effectively for shedding extra pounds of weight and getting in shape. It is a simple exercise that not only burns a huge number of calories but also continues burning calories even when you have done working out. Aids suppressing appetite & primarily target the harmful fat in your belly. After getting in your running clothes try setting a goal for running up to a certain length once it gets easier to increase it.

  4) Strengthen your heart muscle. 

Take it like that doing more bicep curls gives you bigger & stronger biceps same is the matter with your heart like all other exercises, running helps your cardiovascular muscle to become more efficient & pump blood in a better manner through your body. It makes your heart push more blood leading to slower beats which keep your blood pressure in control. Over time, running also strengthens your heart walls.

  5) Reduces your heart’s workload

As runners have a stronger heart, it leads to a low resting pulse rate & more oxygen intake which makes the heart pump more blood per beat. As mentioned earlier, this reduces the workload of your organ.

  6) Reduces the risk for heart disease. 

According to research, the people who run regularly have a decreased risk of developing heart diseases up to 35-55 percent. Running prevents the blood clots in your arteries & blood vessels by supporting good blood flow, pressure & cholesterol. But make sure you consult your doctor before you start running if you have any certain medical condition.  

Running is an easy activity that comes with a lot of benefits. It motivates you to leave your room and enjoy the charisma of nature while improving your health. Moreover, you don’t need to join a fancy gym or a club for this, just a nice pair of shoes will do all the work. 

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