Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Science is part of our day to day lives. It is something that we cannot live without and make use of it more times often than not involuntarily. It is therefore an important part of our lives and it has a major implication on our lives. Life would therefore be unbearable without science.

First of all, science and technology are directly related which means that we have to make use of science so as to make use of technology. This begins from the electricity we use. As we all know the world is now a global village thanks to technology thanks to science. We are able to access banks, medication and even reach our relatives that are overseas thanks to technology and science.

Science of things has made it work easier. Through the help of science one can be able to effectively and efficiently perform tasks within a short span of time without using a lot of effort as compared to the past. This applies in passing messages through phone calls or the internet, travelling using electric trains and cars and even medication (healthcare). Science has basically revolutionized the modern life that we live right now.

Moreover, science has enabled creative and innovative moves and devices to be created. Some of these devices play crucial roles such as detecting the weather. These devices can tell when and where disasters brought about by weather will occur. This is a very important creation as it will provide people with time to evacuate the area, salvage their property and even give the relevant authority time to come up with prevention measures on how to curb or avoid such problems.

Science has helped come up with solutions and coping mechanisms to help deal with some of the most deadly diseases. Operating on patients now has been made easier and the chances of surviving and getting healed are much higher than they were in the past.

Learning has also been made much more interesting and updated. It is much easier for students to understand what they are being taughtbecause the course facilitators are able to integrate videos and picture into the lessons, this tends to leave a more lasting impression in the student’s memory as compared to the contemporary form of learning that has been used for the longest time. On the parents’ side they are able to get newsletters concerning their children in terms of progress in school, grades, class attendance. It is much more efficient and effective as it ensures that the message being relayed does not get altered along the way. The students are also handed their assignment online, they use the same platform to submit the assignment. This is an innovative way that helps discourage copying as it will detect plagiarism. This has also made grading of the students’ work faster and effective.

However, science also comes with its disadvantages such as the loss of employment. Technology is the main contributor to this because of the invention of machines. Machines are able to do a lot work within a short period of time with little or no use of human support. It is through this premise that most of the people lose their jobs because the machines are much more effective and efficient, an organization will therefore lay off employees so as to cut down on the production cost.

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